Introducing the Reading Fightins

Brandiose is proud to present your 2013 Reading Fightins! Man do we love this name. It’s got Phillies’ Whiz Kids history and Reading-style baseball insanity all in a simple moniker. Another good behind-the-scenes coming with this one! We hope that if you’re a Reading baseball fan and are still unconvinced, that you’ll attend at least one game to see all the awesomeness that our Fightins friends have in store.


45 thoughts on “Introducing the Reading Fightins

  1. hmmm dunno about that name. Reading may lose some dedicated fans. Reading Fightins just sounds odd. Fightin Phils looks (and sounds) nice..

  2. Reading Rainbows would have been better.

    As a fan of minor league baseball over pro, I can say I am not impressed with the new “brand”. Maybe if it was fully Fightin’ Phillies, but The Reading Fightin’s does not work for me. I know of the crazy hot dog vendor and such, and can see why the ostrich came into play on the logos, but count me among the ones who say “Meh” to this and move on, waiting for a Scranton Wilkes-Barre RailRiders hat. For every Flying Squirrel success, there is an opposite I guess.

  3. I think you did a great job. You gave the team their own identity and keep the history they have with the parent club. Reading is not Philadelphia and it seems they do alot to promote their team. Plus who else can get a Ostrich to work in a baseball logo and make it look cool.
    I can’t stand seeing the East Bumble Mets, or the Country Hill Yankees.
    Once agian great job.

  4. Awesome Job! I agree wholeheartedly with Gordo 3, I always thought R-Phils was more than deserving of their own identity. At first I wasn’t sold on the name and logo change of this deeply beloved franchise, but after looking into the history of it all, it made perfect sense. IDK who’s idea was it to use “Whiz Kids” era inspired uniforms, pure genius! Bran New meets Classic, redefining throwback. Go Fightins!

  5. I’ve got to tell you as a Philadelphia Phillies fan who has attended more than a few Reading Phillies games, I was initially really excited when I heard that the R-Phils were rebranding and renaming themselves. What a great chance to give the team an identity that is more closely identifiable with the city of Reading. The first thing that springs to mind is Reading’s railroad history. Heck, the Reading Railroad is even imortalized in Monopoly. And then I heard speculation that the name would be the Fightins or Fightin Phillies. And I grew less enthusiastic. Instead of getting their own identity, the Reading Phillies would be co-opting not just the team name of its parent franchise but also of its long time nickname. I was disappointed, but still hopeful that the end result through Brandiose’s involvement would make it okay.

    And then I saw the rebranding for the first time in my Baseballtown e-mail. And, I’ve got to admit that my first reaction was not positive. I hated the ostrich. I didn’t like the name. I wasn’t at all impressed with the look. The only thing I kinda, sorta liked was the F-Fist. But even that I wasn’t in love with.

    Now that I’ve given the look some time to breathe, I still don’t like the name. I still think that if the Reading franchise wanted its own identity, they should have gone for something that resonated with the city of Reading, while keeping the color scheme of the Philadelphia Phillies to help tie the look together. But, despite my dislike of the name, the look itself is growing on me. I don’t love the ostrich, but he’s growing on me. I actually like the ostrich in the blue circle better than the full ostrich. I still like the F-Fist and will probably buy an F-Fist hat. Interestingly, the F-Fist logo was designed for my demographic, so no wonder it resonates with me more than the rest of the look. And, I like the word mark and R graphics as well.

    So, I’m sorry for my initial dislike of the brand. Once again, I think you guys did a good job. It’s not the name I would’ve chosen and I probably wouldn’t have gone ostrich, but I appreciate the details and touches that went into the look. I’m definitely warming up to it; and, I think in time, folks in Reading probably will too.

  6. Personally, I love it. I understand why everyone is a tad bit apprehensive considering the history behind the Reading Phillies and considering I grew up in York. Our local affiliate to watch the Philadelphia Phillies was near Reading. I saw the unis and hats late last night, and my initial reactions were as follows:

    LOVE the ostrich. Guess what hat I’m getting next (after a 5950 comes out)
    LOVE the F with the fist. Guess what hat I’m getting AFTER the ostrich.
    I understand the Baseballtown motif, but I’m not a fan of the iris blue.
    The merging of the Whiz Kids is wonderfully awesome.

    Personally, as a Brandiose / Clink fan AND a die hard Phillies fan, I think you nailed it.

  7. Let’s see what your ‘rebranding’ has accomplished so far since its announcement on Saturday:

    The Reading Phillies decided to throw away 46 years of history by changing their name. I know, some say at least the team can still be called the “R-Phils”… but it can also be called the “Reading F’in Phils”.

    Now a significant majority of the baseball fanbase is entirely ticked off. An online poll, which counts votes based on IP address to prevent people from voting more than once, has over 4700 people against the name change. That’s 87 percent. Great job, Brandiose! And to think this took eighteen months. Wow. Massive fail.

    It’s bad enough that they went through with this ‘rebranding’ without consulting the fans. Since when did our opinion not matter one bit? Do we have to stage a massive boycott and bleed the coffers of the Reading F’in Phils to get our point through management’s thick skulls?

    I was once proud to be a fan of Reading baseball. Reading Phillies has a long history with a very well established brand identity that did NOT need to be changed, especially not like this. There were plenty of motifs and homages that made the Reading Phillies our own distinct brand from the Philadelphia Phillies. For example, the use of a train as part of the logo and on some jerseys an embroidered Pagoda. Now what do we have to show that our team is from Reading, Pennsylvania? A stupid fighting ostrich, which has one of the worst mascot designs I have ever seen… an angry hot dog squirting mustard (Just a dick joke waiting to happen right there), and a cheesy name that while still reaffirming the Reading Phillies affiliation with the Philadelphia Phillies is one that unintentionally echoes one of the worst parts of Reading, Pennsylvania. We’re the ‘fightins’ all right, every day there is a fight somewhere in the inner city, often with a knife or a gun.

  8. Jason & Casey –
    Quick update. Saturday was our largest non-game day merchandise sales in our franchises history – by far! When we arrived this morning, we had 47 more online orders, 32 from PA, and another 15 from around the United States. The store has been busy non-stop today, and we might even break the record set on Saturday. Based on the feedback we are seeing in the store, I would say that people are absolutely loving the logos. Wait until we get the jerseys in to sell. Nice work!

    • Thanks for the update Scott! And thanks for everyone’s opinions, seriously. We love the passion, we love that you guys care. There have been a lot of comments about Jason and I not knowing Reading. While we’re not residents, we’ve been to Reading nearly a dozen times over the last 4 or 5 years. We love the community. (Check out what we did for the Olivet Boys and Girls Club here) In fact my wife and I like Reading so much that when we were moving from New York City so that we could have a better place to raise my son Reading was on the short list of San Francisco, New Mexico and San Diego. We love Reading and maybe, just maybe, the in-game experience will help to make our intensions clear. From what I know, the Reading Fightins will continue the long tradition of the best in-game experience in baseball.

  9. For a “rebranding” company, you guys dropped the ball. No, I’m not talking about the name nor logo (that’s already been widely discussed), but rather the overall branding package / roll-out is incomplete…

    * Social media websites turned off instead of being forwarded. In particular, the old R-Phils Facebook page is disabled. Have new social media pages even been setup yet?

    * The new Fightin Phils Facebook page that many have been visiting looks to be a spoof?

    * The Fightins ad in the Reading Eagle newspaper points to, which doesn’t work (points to a GoDaddy parking page).

    * General lack of continuity between old and new – people left wondering if the team planning on moving soon, going out of business, etc.

    * Too many brands (not your fault per se, but did you advise them to be wary of that pitfall?) being mixed together in their marketing – making one wonder what team they’re even watching.

    The Reading Phillies used to be known for their marketing expertise, but that seems to have gone to the wayside about the time of the R-Phils rebranding several years back…

    Shame you guys are being knocked down in the process. Many of the other names and logos in your portfolio look great. Sadly, the Fightins and the ostrich are huge misses – in my view, best to delete all mention of them on your website, refund their money (even if just a little as a public token gesture), etc to save your reputations.

  10. Hey fellas –

    I’ll keep it short. I look forward to seeing the Reading Phillies return. Until then I’ll exercise my right to be a Phillie fan and razz this change. Most of the branding developments Plan B/Brandiose have offered (including the last set of RPhils logos/unis) I loved. Some I’ve not cared for. I think with 88% of the sports community voicing their disapproval I may see my hope come to reality sooner than later.

    And at that point I hope you two will be brought in once more to weave your magic for a new set of Reading Phillies logos. (PS – my son loves the ostrich and the SWB porcupine. And I’m not going to pick on him for that. )


  11. Addendum: Looks like some progress has been made. is forwarding now – it wasn’t earlier. And the Twitter page works fine.

    Still not sure what the status is of the old RPhils Facebook page – that one still looks to be out of commission; not forwarding.

    As for the new name and logo. If the end-game is moving to another city, Fightins will work fine. But it’s the wrong name for the Reading, PA market that’s so attached to the Reading Phillies (later rebranded R-Phils). The ostrich may catch on in another market, though I’m skeptical – seems way off of the mark, regardless. On a positive note, the fist is pretty cool looking.

  12. i don’t know – i like the connection to the past, like the new ostrich idea, and can begin to see how these concepts could be tied into the whole Reading baseball experience, BUT i don’t really get how the whole hotdog/baseball town image will promote the team when they are on the road… i know hunsicker is a very aggressive and “different” kind of milb exec, so i’m gonna have to wait and see on this one.
    either way, you guys certainly did create something new and unique for the people in reading

  13. First off I will disclose that I am an outsider of the Reading area looking in. As a fan of anything sports and logo related I will say this re branding is good but, not as great as it could be. I feel this has something to do with the way that the Reading organization steered the ship on this reveal. It has a lot of great pieces but, it’s too messy. Too many identities and not enough fluidity for my taste. This is how I feel it should have played out.

    -Home set is great in my opinion. The old school feel keeps the Phillies tradition alive and well. However I would pair it with the “F punching” cap in red and not navy.

    -The team NEEDS a road set that says “Reading” on it. The town, the people of Reading, and mostly the team should be represented while on the road. This could have been accomplished by using the same style faux gray flannel throwback as was presented with the “Baseballtown” logo. Combine it with the “R” cap and call it a day.

    -The last reveal should have been the navy alternate. Pair the alt. jersey with the ostrich cap and or the navy “F punching” cap and leave it at that.

    I think the ball was dropped when Reading decided to include the Baseballtown stuff as part as the new identity. Too many casual fans outside of Reading will have no clue what Baseballtown is about. Don’t get me wrong, the first time I saw “Bunbino” for the All Star game last year I absolutely loved it. However as a part of a full time set that has nothing to do with the Phillies, Fightin Phillies, or Reading it would have been best to reserve Bunbino for a promo game or two next year and that’s it.

  14. Very interesting set. I have no ties to the Reading area, so really have no comment on whether these hit the mark or not. But, its bugging me that the Ostrich’s right leg is bending the wrong way at the knee. I’m sure this was done to evoke more of a “running” look upon a quick glance, but I wonder if it could have been handled differently. It certainly would have changed the flow of the mark, and I am wondering if that was just creative license taken on the part of Brandiose. I also think its great that people are so passionate with their opinions, but I hope everyone knows that often times designers get overruled by those who are paying for the work, and I’m sure that Casey and Jason being the pros that they are, are not about to sell out their clients if a bad idea was forced on Brandiose.

  15. So…did the PA announcer end up quitting then? I like the pieces on their own, but as many have said, they don’t all seem to go together. The whole “Baseballtown” thing for the road is puzzling. If it just had to be something the team management wanted, it should have been maybe used for a home alternate, especially because fans of the team, people that actually live in Reading, will know what Baseballtown is. But yes, overall, I like all of the illustrations.

  16. I absolutely love each logo individually but can definately see where the hate is comin from. It just isnt right for Reading. That being said I despise that the baseballtown road unis. They shouldnt look like a different team on the road. I have to say that the last three identities ive seen from you (this, the railriders, and the stockton ports alt) have all been realy out there and a little confusing with all he different elements mashed together. Mashing ostriches and hotdogs, porcupines and trains, and sailers and asparagus together is a little much, even for the minor leagues. I get that they’re influenced by the local culture, but ogos shouldnt need to be explained.

  17. I applaud the use of a freakin ostrich on a logo set, thats brave and I think its well done (except his right hand seems to be missing his thumb? either that or he has two left hands)
    My favorite is the circle ostrich, that is sick and well done. I also like “Fightin’ Phils” a lot better than just The Fightins.

  18. Please rethink this whole “rebranding” concept!. Calling the team “Fightin” is not family-friendly, and will be confusing to children, who are being taught to AVOID violence. Schools may have to rethink participation with the “Fightins” because of the association with violence. Yes, there is a lot of violence in Reading, but this isn’t what anyone wants to emphasize. Also, an ostrich has nothing to do with Reading, and a hot dog- that is just embarrassing. There are too many different hats and jerseys to establish an identity for the team. This whole re-branding episode has turned a respected and talented baseball team into a cartoonish parody. I am not opposed to change, or mired in tradition, but unfortunately, you missed the mark and alienated a formerly loyal fan base.

  19. Very disappointed. I’m a huge fan of the vast majority of Brandiose’s work. This ostrich is awful. Compare it to the thoughtful, thorough design of the new Scranton-Wilkes Barre logos and tell me they’re in the same universe. Shameful.

  20. Hey Kevin,

    Maybe do a little research and look up what an ostrich looks like when it’s running.

    Guess what, the little guy is accurate!

  21. Only one thing needs to be pointed out: The Reading Eagel poll.
    88% think the rebrand is #EpicFail.

    Hunsicker can try to spin this rebrand any way he wants. Numbers are facts. 88% is a monumental number. There will be cases and cases of unsold shirts/hats and a lot of empty seats. You can’t stick your finger in your customers eye and expect to retain them as customer. Unbelievable lack of business sense.

  22. The ostrich just should have never been included no matter how good or bad it looks. People in Reading, PA have no connection to it. The Crazy HotDog vendor who rides a fake ostrich is a side show for kids and you can debate how ‘popular’ he really is. He throws out free hotdogs so thats the draw, That is all he is. Incorporating this into the brand is a complete mistake.

  23. The artwork done by Brandiose is excellent as usual with one exception: I’m not a fan of the legs on the ostrich, which look a little ridiculous. Also, as one other commenter pointed out “fightin” is not exactly family friendly. And this isn’t fighting as in “to work really hard to win”. This is fighting as in “I’m going to pound you with my bare fists”.

  24. I think it’s a shame that those seemingly so rooted in tradition are sniping at Clink & their designs because of the decision made by the team’s management to re-brand themselves.

    The designs are great, but if you’re one to say that they don’t fit with the history of the team, take it up with the team; don’t spend your time whining about it here.

  25. Casey and Jason,
    Personally, I have been a fan of the R-Phils way back to my early childhood. My family was season ticket holders up until the 2002 season. Since then, I have continued to attend games and still love the team and city.
    I love the ostrich design, however I don’t see it as a fit in the teams history. Aesthetically though with the word-mark its beautiful work of art.
    My main problems are with the away uniforms. Not only are they hokey(even by MiLB standards). What I am wondering is why they choose to use Bunbino and Baseballtown instead of asking you to develop something that is more representative of our area all while being more kid friendly.

  26. By far, the best logo in minor league baseball! Any haters don’t understand minor league baseball and what it’s about…the kids and families!

    If the people that are complaining had it their way, the team would still have wooden benches and there would be 500 fans in attendance without any mascots…..people it’s time to embrace this fantastic work and love the Fightins!

  27. Ostrich circle logo is great !!
    “F-Fist” and feathered “R” are 2 hats i will buy asap !!! Home uniform is beautiful.

    For me all the “hot-dog” stuff must just be used as BP stuff.

    Disagree with the non-use of Reading for the Road : imagine the faux-flanels grey uniform with the “reading” script on the chest in “feathered” font, with ostrich circle logo on the arm…. That’s a winner !!!!

  28. I agree with Jonesy, there are alot of people here who’re upset with the rebrand, but are apparantly forgetting that it’s ultimately up to the team’s management to decide which way to go.

    I’ve seen some better stuff from Brandiose, but the designs here are solid.
    Just look at what they did for HatClub and you’ll know that these guys get jobs done.

  29. I am speechless at what you’ve done to the Reading Phillies…and not in a good way. I mean if you are going to design new uniforms and logos you might try using some unified themes and color schemes and maybe also some research while you’re at it. The crazy hot dog guy has as much to do with the team’s heritage as…oh, an ostrich. And the way the one set of circus uniforms look it’s probably a good idea the name “Reading” isn’t on them. I’ve never seen anything like this before and I hope I never do again. Swing and a MISS of epic proportions.

  30. Horrible, just horrible. The ostrich is ridiculous and looks like it came out of the Cat in the Hat book. Who else thinks “hey there is this gimmick of a guy in an animal outfit where he shoots free hot dogs….lets use this as the cornerstone of our branding.”

    Not the Reading Railroad. Not the iron industry. Not the role in the revolutionary war. Not being even famous for pretzels. Any of those would have been better than that stupid looking ostrich.

    I know you are gloating about first day sales of merchandise…its the first day of completely new stuff…duh. Just wait until ticket sales of loyal fans plummet…its coming. And then Brandiose moves to their next victim and the Reading Phillies are screwed. We were one of only two teams to hold the name of the parent team…and we liked that. Just because everyone else is doing something doesn’t mean we have to.

  31. To set the record straight: the PA announcer did not quit, he was fired. He spent thirty-five years there and deeply loved and cared about the READING PHILLIES. He did not agree with the pointless, ill-conceived and ill-advised “rebranding” of the Eastern League’s oldest and most successful franchise, spoke his mind on it and was treated like dirt in response. I know all this to be true because I am him. I despise what our beloved franchise has become and I despise those who allowed it to happen.No respect for history,or tradition, just a money-grab. Sleep well, boys. You should be ashamed (and by the way, I’m not a “clinker” whatever that is).

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