Brandiose X Hat Club-Fall 2012

Hat Club is a hat retailer based out of Phoenix, AZ and these guys are amazing at what they do. They carry some of the best brands and do an amazing job of creating their own unique colorway callouts. Their 25 stores are spread out across the West (2 right near our offices) and they also have a great online store full of amazing styles. They approached us a little over a year ago to come up with their own designs that would be available exclusively at Hat Club stores and

Over the course of the year Hat Club and Brandiose have become fast friends. That means more exclusive Hat Club designs from Brandiose on the way. This first collection is 25 strong. Everything from surf inspired designs, to a fake teams like the Black Tigers and Nugget Bears, to abstract designs, to…ah just go take a look at everything there’s a lot to sift through. Go HERE to see the first collection…

One of my favorite designs is “Sunset Cliffs”(image below, top left). The design is inspired by the neighborhood that I live in. Each day on my way home from work, the sun is setting right behind this one palm tree and I thought “Wow, that would make a cool hat.” It also has a wave print under visor, a tribute to the great surf spots in my neighborhood.

I can’t wait to show you guys a behind-the-scenes of the process of creating these hats. Stay tuned! Head over to to get a closer look at these bad boys.


11 thoughts on “Brandiose X Hat Club-Fall 2012

  1. So many great designs—as usual! My favorite by far is the bear/flag one. The Clippers should use your LA clipper logo instead of that garbage that they have. Bear/state shape and scorpion are amazing as well. The color fade on the sunset is insane. Great work!

  2. A lot of cool hats !! I already order some hats on !!
    Now i’m waiting for the thursday hat… i hope it’s the SWB Railriders Red Road hat !!

    Oh, and yesterday, i receive my Legends mustache hat… She’s beautiful !!

  3. Good Heavens….some nasty $hit! Nice work fellas, Im about as far from Cali and the West Coast as one can get but I gotta give many thumbs up for these!

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