Stockton Ports Alternate Logos

My apologies to Pat and his awesome team up in Stockton for the delayed posting of their new logos. We are really excited for these deigns, from the sailor to the asparagus, these designs are deeply embedded in Stockton imagery and folklore. I’ve said this too many times this week but I can’t wait to show you guys the behind-the scenes of this project.

Stockton is a great town, the heart of California’s central Valley, Stockton boasts the most inland port in the World. Most of the fruits and vegetables that are grown in California’s central Valley are shipped out of the port. Another great thing about Stockton is the Asparagus festival. Stockton is the asparagus capital of the World and that alone makes it one of my favorite cities in the World.

Speaking of asparagus, it’s Thanksgiving tomorrow!!! My favorite holiday. Over eating, football, and naps. We’re taking the rest of the week off. So kick this holiday weekend’s ass Clinkers!!!


10 thoughts on “Stockton Ports Alternate Logos

  1. Casey THIS was the post I was waiting on too! Maybe it’s because I was a huge Popeye fan growing up, but I love everything about this guy! Oh, and that little asparagus dude looks way to happy to be wrapped in proscuitto and grilled!

    I really hope you guys don’t strike out with the fans on this one, even though this is just an update and not a name rebrand. Being an Aussie Clinker it has given me a distance from the passion that the SWB and Reading fans have all been so vocal about with your last two rebrands, but all I can say is that you guys are still hiting them out the park from down under.

    Ps. “Show me the SKETCHES!”

  2. These are fantastic! I love the one with the rope “S”. Its such a funny juxtaposition to have this rough, tough sailor with asparagus. Its tough and whimsical. Great job as always!

  3. Digging 5 O’Clock Dock and the rest of the set, looking forward to all the BTS for the rebrands.

    You guys have had a hell of a couple of weeks and have earned a break 10 times over, have a Happy (US) Thanksgiving!

  4. Wow !!! Great job guys !!!!
    I love the running aspargus, the “S rope” and the sailor making “S” with the arms !!!
    That’s 3 hats to ask to Santa !!!! 😉

  5. OH! you guys did a new WM Whitecaps design too!? (which I love by the way). Sheeesh you’ve been cranking them out lately!

    I sure hope that asparagus dude gets his own hat too!
    Does he have a name?…

    Almost forgot, happy thanks giving from down under!

  6. These should be a great looking cap !!!!!!! i like the colors and designs!!!!!
    Im from stockton and cant wait to see in collection!!!!!!!!!!!

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