West Michigan Whitecaps Alternates

Last summer the fine folks from the West Michigan Whitecaps asked us to come up with a few alternate hat marks to add to their Official On-Field rotation. On our visit, it became instatly clear that their affiliation with the Detroit Tigers and their proximity to Detroit was very important to their fans. So we came up wtih a couple marks that strengthen that bond with their big league affiliate.

The first design is a “WM” done in the Detroit Tigers “D” font with a jazzy wave underline. Giving fans of the Whitecaps and the Detroit Tigers a classic clean option to wear to the ballpark.

The second design takes inspiration from their existing wave logo, but we’ve “Island of Dr. Moreaued” the wave with a tiger. I love how unique and fun the result of this concept is.


8 thoughts on “West Michigan Whitecaps Alternates

  1. So glad you dropped an Island of Dr. Moreau reference in there!

    I’m a big fan of the Whitecaps x Tiger mashup, very kawaii of you 😉
    I think it’s a great way to keep the old but make it new and exciting, not to mention a little bit weird, which I know there is a fine line but I feel this is just on the right side of that line, so it works.

    The old english letters are cool and I dig that they are different colours and a salute to the Tigers, but I’m not feeling the wave so much…it just feels a little disjointed. I’d love to see what other ideas you guys had for this.

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