Rebranded: Eugene Emeralds

Introducing the rebranded Eugene Emeralds, Class A affiliate of the San Diego Padres! The Eugene Emeralds is a wrap up our final rebrand for the 2013 season. And I coundn’t pick a cooler project to end on. Eugene is such a cool town – full or barefoot runners, barefoot drifters, and now barefoot Squatches!

With this new design and the addition of the Sasquatch, the Eugene Emeralds are about to nuts with their fan experience. And just to make sure it’s clear, I think the Emeralds now have the craziest uniforms in Minor League baseball. Proud to have been apart of this project. A behind-the-scenes is on the way. Head over to to see more…


11 thoughts on “Rebranded: Eugene Emeralds

  1. Did you do their last logos, too? This is a 180 from that look. Fun number font for the unis.
    I will miss the fancy E cap logo, though. The new one should be popular, though.

  2. Wow !!!!! What a great logo rebrand !!!!
    I just take a look at their website… it’s amazing !!!! All the logos, script… are awesome !!! I’m in love !!!
    Bravo Brandiose, c’est Grandiose !!!!!

    Can’t wait for the hats !!!

  3. I love the parallels between affiliate and the big club you’ve been including recently (Swinging Sasquatch/Friar and the homeplate wordmark for Eugene and the “cap on bat” for the RailRiders). They’re clear enough to be read by hardcore fans but subtle enough to continue being used even if the affiliation changes in the future. Great job as always.

  4. I’m really enjoying the “e” footprint logo you’ve branded with Eugene. A fitted cap with the “e” logo is a must-have for me. I will buy one as soon as it’s available. Very well done, very creative.

    Off-topic, but when are you all going to do another collabo? The Drillers have me and my logo-creating skill set growing a bit and I’d like to take a crack at something new!

    David Ruckman
    Video Production Manager
    Tulsa Drillers Baseball

  5. Love your work again, though I only just realised after re-reading the description on the Emeralds website that the sasquatch was carrying a tree. I thought he was carrying a log, emerging out of a forest. maybe the bottom part of the log should be in the lighter green of the tree? maybe not. either way, that’s what i saw.

  6. Well, who doesn’t love a Sasquatch!
    Remember Quatchi?…one of the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Mascots, he ruled! Anyway…

    What’s up with the colouring on this? I’ve read that they are the first team to use “neon green” but that green don’t look too neon to me?… Is something up with the colour format on this? why the dull green?

  7. Great concept. As a U of O grad, I can assert that you summed up Eugene pretty well with the runners and the barefooted-ness. Looking forward to seeing the full uniforms and behind the scenes!

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