Headed to Winter Meetings 2012

It’s that time of year again where Jason and I pack up our pencils and sketchbooks and head to the Baseball Winter Meetings. The Winter Meetings is always a lot of fun for us. We get to see a lot of our friends in baseball in the flesh, share a few beers, and make big plans for next year. If you’re in the Nashville area and see a giant bus with Brandiose on the side of it be sure to flag us down. We might have a beer or two on board for you.

As you guys have seen, the last few weeks have been big ones for us. From all our newly branded teams, to the Hat Club unveiling, to moving into the new studio. We’re tired but inspired for next year. Because the Winter Meetings are all next week, we’re going to start the behind-the-scenes of our newly branded teams the week of December 10th. Till then, we’re taking next week off! Be sure to keep sounding off with which BTS you’d like us to start off with.

So, kick this weekend and next week’s ass Clinkers! Till December 10th!


4 thoughts on “Headed to Winter Meetings 2012

  1. I saw the Brandiosemobile on I-40E this afternoon between Memphis and Jackson, TN. It made me even more excited about Winter Meetings.

    See you in Nash Vegas!

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