Reading Passion

Not sure if the passionate response to the announcement of the renaming of the Reading Phillies has got to your corner of the internet. Here is Scott answering some of the concerns that have been raised around the rebranding of the team. I think he does a great job of explaining what the Reading Phillies intensions are with this renaming. To us, it’s fine if you don’t like what we’ve done when we rebrand a team. We can’t please everyone, even if we try our damnedest to do so, but it would be prudent of you to wait till you’ve seen the name and designs before you weigh in. I’d also add, that everything the Reading Phillies have done in their long illustrious history has been done with love, thoughtfulness, passion, whimsy, and passion(that’s right I said passion twice). So I say, give them a chance to prove themselves up to the task of this monumental change. Just like everything they do, it’s to provide the most fun you can have at a ballpark.

Go HERE to read an article about the change and HERE to see Scott addressing some of the concerns that have been raised.

Support Our North East Clinkers

Hey Clinkers, this is way too late in coming, but we want to make sure that we send out our belated thoughts and prayers to anyone struggling after Hurricane Sandy. We have a lot of Clinkers in the areas that have been affected and we want them to know we’re thinking of them. If you guys haven’t donated yet please go to the American Red Cross site to do so. Please go here to help.