Hat Club Brand Pt. 1

Since it seems Hat Club and Reading are the top two requests for behind-the-scenes, I’m going to make the call and go Hat Club first. Our first collection for Hat Club has been out for a couple weeks and some of the styles are already selling out.

Here’s a little of the back story: Hat Club approached us over a year ago about creating some exclusive designs for their brand. Designs that would cater to their customers and help them express the ideas that they had for their brand. It became clear after a few conversations that they wanted a lot of designs from us. Like a lot a lot. Not just a new logo for their company that they could slap on the front of a hat and call it a day. They also wanted to continue our collaboration into the foreseeable future. They didn’t want us to drop a bunch of designs off at their doorstep and say, “adios.” We agreed that a partnership had to be formed, something that would allow us to build something very unique together. It was a first for us and for them. But because Hat Club had such a cool vision of what a partnership could be and because they’re just a bunch of great people, we decided to go for it.

We started, like we always do with a research meeting. I don’t remember if it was in one of their stores here in town, but we met and tossed around a bunch of ideas of what the brand could be, and how it could be different for other brands out there.

So as you know by now, we hit the sketch pad in preparation for our first round of hat designs. We had a lot of ground to cover in our first round. We had to create designs for each of the regions that their stores are in, we had to create their own stories and characters the would populate the Hat Club universe, and we had to create a logo that would represent the entire line and possibly their entire brand.

After the graphite and pencil shavings had settled we had 100 concepts to sift through (the scope and breadth of which was so broad, it warranted a unique presentation style for us: traveling to pitch sketches, something we’ve never done in Brandiose’s history.)

We printed out each concept on a slip of paper and spread them out all over their office floor (this is their old office floor, they’ve got a new jazzy place for us to create in now.). Then we had a draft.

Tomorrow, we’ll give you a closeup look at some of the sketches.


5 thoughts on “Hat Club Brand Pt. 1

  1. Buy 2 hats from hatclub…
    It’s cool to know how you do all the hats design, but i’m sad because it sounds that thursday no hat will be released…. :-(

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