Eugene Emeralds-Available Tonight!

We interrupt this regularly scheduled BTS for a Thursday hat drop. We just have too many unreleased hat styles to wait. And this is probably the last weekend to get the hat in time for Christmas(No guarantees, sorry.). We’ll do a behind-the-scenes for Eugene in the upcoming weeks. But tonight at 9pm PST/mid-night EST the Eugene Emeralds home hat will be available HERE in Clink’s online store!

Don’t worry we’ll get the Hat Club BTS going again next week.


8 thoughts on “Eugene Emeralds-Available Tonight!

  1. Looks slick! I like how it looks like you’re seeing the ‘squatch just emerging from the dark, highlighted only by the moon.

    • Adam! We have a bunch of those ready too. But I want to give them the time each designer deserves. We’re also waiting on some of the Shadow League designs while Clink transitions to it’s new chapter! Thanks for your patience!

  2. To be honest I would have just preferred the Sasquatch’s face on a hat, just like the sleeve patch on the EMS jersey. But I’m glad other Clinkers are digging this design too.

    Hopefully when we start seeing some Shadow League drops, a new league collab will emerge?… 😉

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