Hat Club Brand Pt. 5

When we set out to come up with some LA inspired designs, we had a few ideas that we were drawn to. One being that LA doesn’t have a football team. We thought it would interesting to reference the lack of a team and possibly create a new team. Like the LA Pits for instance! I really love the Mammoth running tar character. I hope we can do something with him in the future. Maybe remove the “LA is the Pits” on the helmet? I also want to try something with the fractured crystal idea. I think the LA in fractures is cool but we could find a more fun idea to apply to that design concept. One of the best designs of this group that made the final cut and came out really great is the Racer LA circle design. You can see the LA shoreline as it heads north to Malibu with the Malibu hills rising to the left. If you sit on the right side of a plane as it departs LAX this is the view you’ll see.

Hat Club early on told us they had a lot of success with the Filipino themed hats. So we made sure to come up with a few for the first round. Our research lead us to the national animal of the Philipines the Carabao. The Carabao is a badass water buffalo that is found in the rural areas of the island. All the photos of the water buffalo show the farmers stringing a rope through the animal’s nose to be used as a lead. We really like the idea of including that authentic touch while referencing the great boxing tradition of the island. This round also shows the genesis of the “Shipwrecked” styles. Once we had the Filipino flag done Hat Club asked if we could try it with the California Flag and that ended up being on of the most popular styles in the collection! Origin story told.


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