Hat Club Brand Pt. 6

Simple is hard. I really like these simple retro-Cubs inspired bulldogs but they didn’t make the first cut. Another candidate for the future maybe? We knew that the Bulldog was going to be one of our flagship mascots for the collections so we tried to come up with a bunch of variations. Simple, collegiate, more of the idea that we could swap out the different flags in an iconic design(lower left) and even an NFL look like the third sketch down on the right. An homage to the Lions logo.

Here’s an example of a design that went through a few redos. We pitched the idea of a Minor League team identity called the “Dirts” made up of a bunch of rats that play dirty, sliding into 2nd with spikes up, spitballin’, etc. Hat Club liked the idea but wanted it to be a raccoon. You can see the version 2 sketches of the concept in the 2nd row. We changed the name to the Trashcals, Which I think is a cooler name. Mash up of trash and rascals!

This last batch is a bit of a hodgepodge. A few text based designs for snapback styles. You can see our Black Tigers logo in nearly it’s final form at the top right. The Loose Lips Sink Ships design is one of my favorites in this whole process. It almost made the cut a few times but never crossed the finish line. I love the idea of the white silhouette skiff being over taken by the black silhouette ghost pirate ship. The bottom 3 designs make up our pitch for the Hat club key as it would exists in a secret society family of logos. With Medusa as the mascot of that team. How about that retro Medusa/Roman Soldier? A really fun idea that I’d like to explore further.

Tomorrow, we’ll cap all this off with some shot of our favorite hats from the final collection and a glimpse of a few Illustrator variations!


6 thoughts on “Hat Club Brand Pt. 6

  1. Funny, the first two bulldogs remind me of pugs. Do you find it challenging to render logos of bulldogs considering how common it is (Cleveland Browns, Mississippi State, UGA, Georgetown, etc.)? Do you find it difficult to design one that sets apart from the rest?

    Love the medusa/helmet one (sans soldier) and the Trashcals sketches are amazing. The “sink ships” one is also a very fun use of negative space. Amazing how adding that one little white ship now enables that logo to tell a story. Great work!

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