Hat Club Brand Pt. 6

I’m writing this final installment of the Hat Club behind-the-scenes from the Brandiose bunker, sacks of rice, jugs of water, and beef jerky piled up on all sides. We may have made a mistake spending all of Brandiose’s resources on this. Oh well, live and learn.

Final pile of Illustrator renderings! And I mean a pile. It’s weird seeing all that work stacked up like so many palettes of beef jerky. The amount of anchor pushing on these designs was an epic task, but really fun and rewarding!

Here’s a few close-ups of my favorite pieces from the first collection. We really went nuts on the embroidery instructions with these guys. I know we drove New Era a little crazy with our exacting specifications. But obsessive attention to detail is the name of the game! Head on over to Hat Club to grab your favorite design from the collection.

Jason and I want to wish all you Clinkers a Merry Christmas, Happy Chanukkah, a Festive Kwanza and an all-around kick-ass Holiday weekend! PS. A little Holiday elf whispered in my ear that Clink may be having a sale come December 26th. Save up those gift cards from Grandma and we’ll see you back here on December 26th!


8 thoughts on “Hat Club Brand Pt. 6

  1. WOW! Amazing work. Somehow I failed to notice yesterday that the raccoon was wearing a coon skin cap! Now that’s one badass raccoon. So many amazing renderings. How long was this whole process for you guys? Months?

  2. That gold-mining bear reminds me of how cool it could be if the Denver Nuggets would modernize their old miner logo. Good stuff. Really dig those flags too.

  3. merry crimbus to Clink and Brandiose! what a great year it was here!

    can anyone answer were all the designs released at once? trying to figure out if i missed out on the California state flag flipped into that sweet bear face or if it just hasn’t dropped yet…

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