Winter Meetings 2012 Rundown!

And we’re back!!! This year’s Winter Meetings, down in the fine town of Nashville, was one for the books. Tons of fun, tons of work planned for the future.

One of my favorite parts of the Winter Meetings is always the Brandiose bus. Each year we pick up all our teams from the airport and drop them off at the hotel. It’s a great way to see all our friends before they head into the vast frontier that is the Winter Meetings. It’s our 5th year of doing the Brandiose bus and this year’s was the best yet. A lot of that had to do with Brandiose’s new partner, Wilson Sporting Goods!

This year, Wilson was a huge asset for us as we crafted the uniforms for our rebranded Minor League Baseball teams. We did some nutty stuff with this year’s batch of uniforms and Wilson made it all possible. So this year, we formed a partnership with Wilson to show off some of our new 2012 brands. The bus is now the Brandiose + Wilson bus. Wilson is an exciting new member of the Brandiose family. Their battle cry says it all “More Win!”

We’ll go more in-depth on how Wilson helped us bring to life our uniform designs for the 2012 season when we take you behind-the-scenes of the individual team rebrandings. But in the meantime check this super fun video we created to celebrate our new partnership. It gives you a peak behind the curtain into how a uniform is crafted from sketching to sewing. PS. The video on this thing is gorgeous. It was shot by our buddy Charles Bergquist and it’s worth watching it fullscreen.

Brandiose x Wilson Pro-Fusion Collaboration from Brandiose on Vimeo.