Opening Day – Hometown League

Welcome to opening day of the Hometown League! Jason and I are stoked to start another collaboration with you guys. I can’t wait to see what you come up with.

WHAT IS THE HOMETOWN LEAGUE? The Hometown League is about celebrating all the greatness that is a hometown. Go for the deep cut stories in that town, the urban legends, the odd and interesting. Tell a story, be unique. The more clever the better. Don’t plagiarize. Don’t use the names of real teams, don’t copy existing designs. Make your design cool and appealing to people outside of your town.

We also want to encourage you to create design for towns that might not be your own but that we know Clinkers will love. The towns where we ship the most hats to are San Diego, Los Angeles, San Francisco (The Bay), New York, Dallas, and Phoenix.

THIS IS HOW IT WORKS: You guys will name your team and design your own cap logos, you email your designs to us and we post them on Clink in the order we receive them. We will all comment on the designs. When we get enough designs, then we’ll announce a deadline. For now, consider it a rolling deadline. We’ll then pick the concepts with the best story, team name, mass appeal, and design.

• You’ll have your cap produced and worn by Clinkers from all over the World.
• You’ll be celebrated on The Clink Room as a master of your craft.
• You’ll receive $200 gift card to grab your hat you designed when it goes live in The Clink Room store.

In the Entry Form folder you’ll find a template for you to submit your team’s design.

USE THE TEMPLATE. Adobe Illustrator is our preference, but we’ll try to work with you if you don’t know it. You will also find the thread and fabric color swatches for production. The colors appear differently in Illustrator than they do it real life, just approximate. Here’s the link to download everything that you’ll need to enter your design (2.2MB zip file)….

• E-mail it to
“HOMETOWN LEAGUE” needs to appear in the subject line of your email.
• We prefer your artwork to be in vectored format. If you can save as .AI , .EPS or .PDF that would be best.

• Use the templates.
• Don’t plagiarize. (We will send hit men to your home if you do.)
“HOMETOWN LEAGUE” needs to appear in the subject line of your email.
• Have fun!

New Contest?

I’m itching for a new contest, as I know many of you are as well. You may have seen that the Clink Room store is down. Things they are a changing. Part of that change is going to allow us more time to do contest. While we’re working on a new feature for you guys submit designs 24/7 I thought we’d do one last contest the old fashioned way.

But what should we do? Free for all? Pick one of our past Leagues? A new League? You tell us.

New Era Cap Talk #1 last November

Here’s another list that Brandiose topped off that I wanted make sure got a thanks. New Era Cap Talk named our first collection we did with Hat Club as the top release of last November. Thanks to everyone over at NECT and keep those eyeball peeled for our second collection of hat coming out in the next few months.

Head over to New Era Cap Talk to see the list.

Thanks Brand New!

You guys familiar with Brand New? It’s a pretty great site and not just cause they honored us with 2 spots on this year’s Top 10 of the B-sides in logo design! We’re pretty pumped.

Reading Fightins placed no. 7 and Stockton placed no. 1! Look, end of the year “best of” lists matter about as much as a new Doritos flavor. But hey, they’re fun as hell and we’re super flattered! Thanks Brand New and UnderConsideration! Check out the entire list here.

Reading Fightins-Now Available!

In 2012 we dreamed up a fresh name and look for the Reading Fightins, Class AA Affiliate of the Philadelphia Phillies. Reading is one of our favorite towns in the World and the Reading Fightins have one of the best in game experiences in baseball. That makes this brand one of our favorites!

Go HERE to get yours! Kick this weekend’s ass Clinkers!

Reading Fightins BTS Rd. 3

I wanted to try something different with this last stage of the Fightins B.T.S. I want to focus on 2 of the logos and follow them through to their final versions. Lets start with the infamous ostrich. Once we had our new marching orders (as outlined yesterday) we wrestled with positioning and style. That’s when something unusual happened. Jason sent me a sketch! Now Jason has always been a great designer and in the early days of the Company we went sketch for sketch in new identities. But in the last few years Jason has taken over other design duties and left the majority of the logo design to me and another member of the team, Skye. But every once in a the clouds part and Jason’s glowing hand reaches down and hands us his crystal clear vision. That’s what you see in concept “2”. Pretty great right? Yeah, I was impressed. So we took that to step 3. Tried with light blue highlights in “3” and “4”. Then in step “5” and “6” we tried a red and blue highlight concept that I really liked. I though it gave it a unique quality and felt retro in that red and blue 3D glasses kind of way. Sample “5” you can see a glimpse into how we build our Illustrator models. You can see the overlapping color fields and anchor-points that make up a vectored piece of artwork. Then of course we took a few steps backwards to land us on the final version, featured in “7”.

And here is a much different kind of evolution. The spontaneous, no sketching kind of evolution. Option “8” was our original concept, it came to us in a bolt of inspiration. Step “9” was an attempt to make it read as an “F” easier with “10” being the final logo that simplifies and solves the read as an “F” problem.

That brings us to the “F-fist” hat below. Available tonight 9pmPST/Midnight EST in the Clink Store! (There’s even a little sneak peak of Brandiose’s new offices in the background. Still in progress, can’t wait to show it off.)

Reading Fightins BTS Rd. 2

Wow, I’m so overwhelmed by everyone’s outpouring and condolences. I’ve received so many emails, text messages, and phone calls. Thank you so much, I’m really feeling the Clink love. It means so much to all of us in the Brandiose family. Thank you!

Alright, back to the Fightins! So the solo Ostrich emerged as everyone’s favorite concept. We knew the ostrich, as a mascot, was of Minor League Baseball Grade-A Gold Star pedigree. We could feel it in our bones, know what I mean? So while we debated the merits of the Whiz Kids moniker (Fightin Phils vs. Fightins) we focused on the ostrich icon.

From the above round everyone dug the “squawk” facial expression, it’s unique to the bird/ostrich mascot and felt fun. You can see a dynamic iteration of the “R” ostrich that I think came out really cool. It was fun challenge to not only make the ostrich “dukes up” a thing that made some sense. But could we make it dynamic and interesting enough that it alone could be iconic? A good challenge for sure. You can see the bottom sketch features the dukes up integrated with into the Phillies lettering.

The Philadelphia Phillies finally gave us their blessing to explore the Fightins name completely. So we threw ourselves into it. You can see in these very early exercises some small seeds of the final lettering. Reading has such a unique blend of baseball, circus, and Pennsylvanian-iness (Not sure how else to say blue-collar, fun loving, hardworking, proud, Dutch, and no-B.S. all in one word). That’s what we wanted the script to convey. I’m not even sure if something like that is possible, but it’s always worth a try.

About this time, we were told to stop and restart from scratch. Love it! Whenever we get the call that we need to start over with a brand new direction, I’ll always let out an immediate sigh. But I’m always happy with the new direction, so that sigh doesn’t last very long. Even if the early stuff is scraped, it always informs the new design direction, making it even better. With this new direction we were told we had lost some of the ostrich-ness that makes the bird so iconic. So we added that back in. We also were told to go more retro, adding a little fictional age to the mix.

Tomorrow, we’ll show you the sketches that led to the final designs, the final designs in color, and we’ll preview the hat that will be available tomorrow night. Thanks again Clinkers!!!