Reading Fightins BTS Rd. 3

I wanted to try something different with this last stage of the Fightins B.T.S. I want to focus on 2 of the logos and follow them through to their final versions. Lets start with the infamous ostrich. Once we had our new marching orders (as outlined yesterday) we wrestled with positioning and style. That’s when something unusual happened. Jason sent me a sketch! Now Jason has always been a great designer and in the early days of the Company we went sketch for sketch in new identities. But in the last few years Jason has taken over other design duties and left the majority of the logo design to me and another member of the team, Skye. But every once in a the clouds part and Jason’s glowing hand reaches down and hands us his crystal clear vision. That’s what you see in concept “2”. Pretty great right? Yeah, I was impressed. So we took that to step 3. Tried with light blue highlights in “3” and “4”. Then in step “5” and “6” we tried a red and blue highlight concept that I really liked. I though it gave it a unique quality and felt retro in that red and blue 3D glasses kind of way. Sample “5” you can see a glimpse into how we build our Illustrator models. You can see the overlapping color fields and anchor-points that make up a vectored piece of artwork. Then of course we took a few steps backwards to land us on the final version, featured in “7”.

And here is a much different kind of evolution. The spontaneous, no sketching kind of evolution. Option “8” was our original concept, it came to us in a bolt of inspiration. Step “9” was an attempt to make it read as an “F” easier with “10” being the final logo that simplifies and solves the read as an “F” problem.

That brings us to the “F-fist” hat below. Available tonight 9pmPST/Midnight EST in the Clink Store! (There’s even a little sneak peak of Brandiose’s new offices in the background. Still in progress, can’t wait to show it off.)


13 thoughts on “Reading Fightins BTS Rd. 3

  1. Sweeet!
    I was hoping for the F-fist to get on a hat.

    And looking forward to seeing the new office, and the new Clink Room as well ; )

  2. very cool to see your “vectored” illustrator image. i hope this bts has helped calm the “trolls” – it might just be my favorite bts so far!

  3. Great to see the whole process.

    Has the issue of the ostrich’s 2 two lefts hands been addressed yet? Is it just me that’s seeing that? Just curious.

  4. I think I prefer the punching F logo with the red outline around the whole mark, but really nothing to complain about. These marks look great. I know I was critical about how the ostrich’s legs bent at the knees, but I just read that their knees are double-jointed. Who knew? Well, apparently Brandiose knew!

  5. Wow – I really love your bts posts! Too bad that you couldn’t stay with version 6 of the ostrich. I like that one much better than version 7.

  6. Just loving this BTS guys, especially seeing all those vector lines!
    I also love how the BTS has now turned from sketches through to vectors.

  7. This was probably the best BTS Clink has posted. This was a very informative post, Ive been waiting to see a true step by step for a while. You guys show more of this! That vector one scares the hell out of me lol.

    Also #8 is so sick. I wish that had been the final, but I see how you had to push it more towards and F.

    Sweet post!

  8. I know that there are a lot of people that don’t like the ostrich but I like it. I like it in step 6 better though you should make a one in one-fifty hat with the other color sceam even though its the same logo or a Phillie phanatic logo hat. Please!

  9. Really cool seeing the illustrator files and vector grips in this posts. I know enough illustrator to know how much i don’t know about illustrator and to appreciate your polished designs. These are a cool look behind the curtain, please do more! Also dig the Fightin’ Phils. That has to be one of your best rebrands. Kudos!

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