Thanks Brand New!

You guys familiar with Brand New? It’s a pretty great site and not just cause they honored us with 2 spots on this year’s Top 10 of the B-sides in logo design! We’re pretty pumped.

Reading Fightins placed no. 7 and Stockton placed no. 1! Look, end of the year “best of” lists matter about as much as a new Doritos flavor. But hey, they’re fun as hell and we’re super flattered! Thanks Brand New and UnderConsideration! Check out the entire list here.


4 thoughts on “Thanks Brand New!

  1. Saw that last week and tried to post it on the comments here at Brandiose but it somehow got deleted. Congrats, guys, for the well deserved recognition!

  2. Awww man, chica! Your first trip to the PMA, and you’ve lived here in Phillt how long?! Lol, it’s a great and inspirational place to be, and also suipirsrngly a great place to go for a date! Lovely photos! I love the “sister love” photo, so nice to see siblings enjoying each others company!-Jacqui,

  3. a really nice idea. seeitomms I “forget” an old music-CD on a bench somewhere, with a little note “give away”…or one time I ve let an InstyleI had finished reading. But I ve never found a surprise for myself ;o) Wish you a happy day, cute texas girl!

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