New Contest?

I’m itching for a new contest, as I know many of you are as well. You may have seen that the Clink Room store is down. Things they are a changing. Part of that change is going to allow us more time to do contest. While we’re working on a new feature for you guys submit designs 24/7 I thought we’d do one last contest the old fashioned way.

But what should we do? Free for all? Pick one of our past Leagues? A new League? You tell us.


47 thoughts on “New Contest?

  1. I’m thinking Free For All is the way to go, since the last contest has been a while, people might already have ideas, but those ideas might not meet restrictions….

    Also, if you’re serious about a new contest, I’m pleading that there’ll be an “Editor’s Pick” among the winners.
    I feel that the Shadow League had alot of good designs fall short, with and Editor’s pick, we can have one (or more) design(s) that Casey & Jason personally approve off. (maybe even do that special one with cork undervisor or something)

    [/my two cents]

  2. I kind of like operating within restrictions. I like having some sort of a theme. It could be open-ended, though…. like designs that are representative of a location (like your Hat Club series) or something like that. Or maybe a theme of birds.

  3. The idea of restrictions may work, but he last contest really de-evolved after a while and the ideas were kind of stretching the notion of a “league”

    Maybe if there was a more defined idea of the league, and what would work and what would not, that would be okay, but in my opinion, the last contest tuned into a free-for-all after the first few entrants. I realize a bunch of good ideas come in, and you want to put them in/showcase them, so I am not sure.

    Anyway, it will be your conest to set up and run, and I will do what I can to construct a design that works within the idea and spirit of the league, if any.

  4. I would be happy with any contest however I do have two designs that I would really like to get out to you guys and the clinkers so if i had to choose I would say free for all. I agree with danny that people probably have a lot of designs that they might have stashed away that might not meet requirements otherwise. Looking forward to your improvements of the site guys!

  5. I think we should have a football league you have done baseball, skateboarding why not football? I used to play this old Sega Genesis game called “Mutant League Football” (1993).Cool thing about the game is was pretty grewsum if a player got hit in the leg he would loose his leg for the whole game “Mutant League Football” im sure Clinkers could come up with great ideas with that theme!

  6. I think it would be cool to take some inspiration from your HatClub series, and design logos based on your hometown, city, state or country. I think that could yield some really awesome designs.

  7. I also thought that it would be pretty cool to do something similar to what you guys did for the Hat Club. I kinda wished that you guys could have done something for my region/ other cities and regions after seeing what you did for California. Only problem is that Im from the east coast so beyond my affinity for the designs purely from a design point of view, my desire to cop one is lessened because its so region based – Would this happen if we did this kind of league?
    If we look at the most successful Clink League designs, they arent really city/region centric,
    I like having a clear focus on what the league is about, so I don’t really feel anything for a “free for all” league, its not even a league then really. I’m still disappointed we never did the “Mythology League” I mean that there was a treasure trove of options, ideas, histories, and cultures that people could have gotten into.

  8. Hometown idea would be pretty fun concept. A mythology league would be pretty fun a d you could mix any sport in with it. I’m up for anything just looking forward to throwing down some more fun designs.

  9. I agree. A hometown league would be cool. There are so many clinkers from all over the world, that it would be a great finish. I’ d rather call it a World League though. It’s tough to tell a story of a small town or city that no one knows through a design. Countries are known, as are their people.

  10. Mythology/Legend league would be awesome. I’ve got a few of those in mind and one nearly done that was meant for the Night League. Wouldn’t mind a hometown/home state league either, but M/L league would be my choice.

  11. In a way a “hometown league” is kind of a free for all when you think about it, so I’m content with that idea too.

    As previously mentioned the rules of the shadow league sort of blew out towards the end and some of the winning entries weren’t exactly in accordance with the guidelines. So at least if its a “Free for All” with some loose guidelines, it’ll work and the comments section won’t be full of talk about how the design doesn’t meet the guidelines and not about the actual design itself!

    At the end of the day I’m just happy to show off a few designs I’ve already got up my sleeve 😉

  12. Efra—I was thinking about a rebrand league, too, but wondered about legal issues. Though, I know that some of the Hat Club stuff might have brushed into this territory a little, so Casey and Jason might have some solid legal info on this already. I’m sure rebrand caps sell like hotcakes, too.

  13. – Mythologie League… why not. but wich Mythologie ?
    Aztec, Greek, Nordic, Chinese… ??
    – Hometown League… why not. but what about people living in a little town, with no great history, no beautiful landscape, nothing special to inspire a hat ?
    – Rebrand League… great idea, but it’s better to do some free and funny concepts (like the ostrich or hot dog from Reading) that you will never see in any Pro leagues !!

    Also, i loved to see some concepts from the BFL (Brandiose Football League) !!!!
    But all clinkers are not die hard football fan like me…

    So after all, i think a “Free your mind” League will be the best !!!

  14. I think the best leagues have had specificity to their theme. ‘Taco Shop League?’ Fantastic. I think a new league would be fun – here are some ideas I’ve had bouncing around my head –

    Microscopic League – A league of stylized depictions of scientific phenomenon undetectable to the naked eye.

    School League – A league celebrating the people, groups, experiences of adolescent education. From the overacheiving valedictorian to the frogs being dissected in biology class.

    History League – Pick a decade and the resulting league will be a collection of hats showing significant people, events, movements from that decade.

    Geometric League – The constraint here is only straight lines, no curves. Could also be called the Vintage Video Game League from all the simple polygons that would be used in the designs.

    In the vein of the ‘Shop’ idea –

    Barber shop league

    24 Hour Laundromat League

    Lastly, one of my favorite leagues (which was over before I discovered Clink) was the Reject League. I’m wondering if we can spin off a league from that? –

    ‘Eject’ Leauge – A league of all the characters and actions surely to get you thrown out of a game.

    Un-sustainable League – A League depicting the results of economically un-friendly behavior a la the Sludgebugs.

    White Elephant Gift League

  15. How about a Hometown Bar League?

    That way we could incorporate some of the hometown ideas so many people like along with a League like the Taco Shop league.

  16. What would everyone here consider the “best” League that Clink has produced? I mean in terms of the theme ideas, boundaries and ultimately the designs that came from it? Next, how can we make this new league as, if not more successful that that.

    Personally, I would have to say the Reject League was the strongest. Althought we did have guidelines for that, and a direction, there was a lot of leeway and freedom within the boundaries. Theoretically, anything could be rejected, but it was that freedom that led to some amazing, cool and clever designs.

  17. I’m all for a new design challenge, but would really like to see more of the winning hats from past leagues come to fruition. Would love to cop that Montezuma’s revenge hat with the feathered plunger.

    As for a new league, I also like the idea of constraints. Any theme can be tailored to your home town or region. that’s the beauty of it.

    Bar league or white elephant got my votes as of now…ya’ll keep them coming

  18. I’m feeling you on this Kevin, I was thinking just a straight up re brand but now that you mention The Hat Club… Hmm, what about a league that offers an alternate mark for an existing team, much like Casey and Jason did with the LA Clippers, LA Raiders, GS Warriors and SF 49ers? Think of all the possibilities for a team like the Bears, Cowboys, etc…

  19. Efra, I like the Alternate Icon idea. I also like free for all and rejects. All these sound great! I will be up for any one of them. These contests are always an outlet to do whatever you want. I was thinking of a league based around movie fodder. It might be possible to rebrand a fictional team in a Sports movie. Or a coveted object or phrase that is in a plot line of a classic film. Or even a team representing a group of people or person in a film. Or take a movie title name literally. I think there could be a universe of opportunities inside of that. Without treading on established properties, of course.

  20. Just a thought but what if we picked or made up a single team and everyone designed a logo for the same one. It could be a mini contest with only one winner. Then the next big contest could use the new system of submission thats coming. It could be cool to see everyones take on the same team.

  21. Constraints are always good. Working within boundaries inspires creative problem solving. Then again, I’m down for whatever. Let’s get it on!

  22. I love the hometown league idea. And, I think it’s flexible enough. I’m from Springfield, which is a suburb of Philadelphia but I live in Glassboro. So, for me, at least, I have three places I consider “hometowns”.

  23. Firstly I think all winning hats from previous contests should be released before starting another contest. The people that won deserve that, and by creating more winners just delays the releases longer.

    Second, what about an idea about expansion of a current sporting league, be it Baseball, Gridiron or Basketball. There is so much talk of expansion, so make the rules you have to pick a city and a sport, but the city must not already be in the sport you have chosen. Then come up with an team name/design idea inspired by the chosen city.

  24. I think the hometown/location team idea has the most potential, maybe even split the submissions into regions like conferences!

  25. I like the expansion team idea… for example, MLB could be the theme, and people could design teams for Portland, Orlando, OKC, Sacramento, etc.

  26. I really like the expansion league idea as well. It would basically be a free for all when you think of it but you could also choose your hometown which would make it the best of both worlds! Good idea Adam!

  27. I agree that priority should be getting the winning designs from the other contests out, not sure If a new league would interfere with this in any way but…also disappointing is the news we aren’t gonna see any re-ups of sell outs for the whole year???

  28. I like Mythology/Legend league. And Underdog. And Rebranding (aka, anything better than Pelicans 😉 ). Some kind of league please.
    Has there ever been talk of being a “specific sport?” Only basketball? Or only darts? Or only cricket?

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