Hometown League – Wednesday!


33 thoughts on “Hometown League – Wednesday!

  1. Plenty of people live in uninteresting yet unique places. I guess the job is to find something about your town and make it work.. I can see people choosing places they’re not from simply cos they have a better idea for it. Lets hope we get some far flung hometowns we’ve never heard of it, or be able to pronounce haha..
    Me, Ive lived in 2 countries and can count more than one place as my home town.. And theyre all fairly disinteresting.. But itll be fun..

  2. Born in Cape Girardeau, MO and back living here, but grew up around Springfield, MO. So… guess I’ll try ’em both. Maybe even throw in a St. Louis one if I feel like it.

  3. So, will league specifics be revealed on Wednesday, or will they be revealed tomorrow and start accepting submissions on Wednesday?

  4. With all this “claiming,” I assume all are welcome to do whatever region they feel, and as many people can as they wish.

    I’ll be doing a version of St. Paul, MN. Would love to see more MN representations!

  5. Damn you Aussie Ry for being the first to suggest somewhere Un-American..
    Ive got multiple places Im from and variations of those places..
    Kerikeri, Northland, Whangaparaoa, Hibiscus Coast, North Harbour, Auckland, North Island, New Zealand… Bray Park, Pine Rivers, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.. With ideas like Oranges, Mythical Reptiles, Flowers, Sailers, Tribal Warriors, Trees and Landscape..
    Its gona be a fun one..

  6. I’m from Springfield, PA (yawn) but live in Glassboro, New Jersey. A great place for a minor league baseball team! Now to come up with a name.

  7. @Adam – sounds like you’re a Kiwi now living up in QLD am I correct?
    You’ve got a ton of ideas to work with, good luck! I’ll be trying to go all out Australian on the Clink Room on this one! 😉

    I’m looking forward to a ton of questions from Clinkers about my wacky Australiana themed designs.

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