Rick White 1949-2012

A little over a week ago my Dad had a heart attack that he did not survive. My Dad was one of my best friends. He loved following what Jason and I were doing with Brandiose. He checked the Clink Room almost everyday and always had a question or comment about what we were up to when I saw him. He instilled in me my love of sports and as a high school teacher and football coach for 39 years he was one of the first people to ask Jason and me to design uniforms and logos for his team. We ended up using that design work in our portfolio that got us our first job with Minor League Baseball. He was deeply loyal and ethical, which shaped my ethical compass that I use everyday to guide how I run my business. He was a fun loving bear of a man, who I spent countless hours surfing and fishing with.

My wife and I moved back to San Diego two years ago so that my newly born son, Moses, could spend time with my parents and they could help us out with babysitting. My Dad was newly retired and he became our primary babysitter spending 2 to 3 days a week with Moses. They became best friends. My Dad and Moses are similar people: energetic, fun loving, curious, and stubborn. I’m so grateful for the time they spent together, even if their relationship was cut short of what I hoped it would be. I look forward to carrying on the traditions and spirit of my Dad with Moses.

Brandiose is a family business. Jason and I have been best friends since kindergarten. Jason moved a block away from my house in the 3rd grade. We spent endless hours at each other’s houses annoying our parents. All 4 of our parents helped in making our business what it is today. My Dad helped us build out or new office we moved into last month, Jason spent 3 days at my side as I grieved, and Jason will be one of the three speakers at my Dad’s memorial. Brandiose is a family business and we’ve lost an important member of that family. Thank you to Jason for carrying on the Clink posts while I was with family and for being there for me, as always.

If they’re still around and you have the means to see them this weekend, give your parents an extra long hug for me. This time you have together is precious. Thank you Clinkers for letting me take a day to tell you about my Dad and what he means to me and the Brandiose family. Thank you for your patience on your orders that haven’t been shipped, they’ll be in the mail soon. You guys are the best.

Fightin’s BTS will resume tomorrow!

Reading Fightins BTS Rd. 1

Are you ready for some Fightins!!?? I am. Are you ready for some trolls in the comments? I think I am. Yes, it’s time to do a behind-the-scenes for what seems like our most controversial project, the renaming and rebranding of the Reading Fightins. Why the Reading Fightins? Besides being a great Minor League Baseball name, it has a great heritage to it. The Philadelphia Phillies, parent club to the Reading Fightins, nickname is the Fightin’ Phils. The town of Reading is a scrappy Pennsylvania town who has taken some lumps in recently, but is fightin’ it’s way back to its dissevered glory (Reading is one of our favorite towns in the U.S.). There’s a sports tradition of using fightin’ as a prefix. The team was one of the last of the holdouts that uses it’s parent club’s team name. Very rare nowadays and for good reason, it can be very confusing.

Let me back up a little. The team came to us over a year ago about going deeper into the R-Phils brand, and ways to celebrate everything in the R-Phils universe. They were also looking for ways honor more of the Phillies heritage, while appealing to the entire Reading community, including Mets fans.

While changing the name was never the goal, it did enter the conversation. There was a consensus that a name change would only be considered, if the right name surfaced. Plus, the name would have to meet the aforementioned goals. We don’t take any rename lightly, but renaming the Reading Phillies, a classic name in Minor League Baseball history, is a big responsibility. But once the Philadelphia Phillies legendary Whiz Kids name “The Fightins” was proposed, it clicked with everyone on heritage and creative levels.

So we hit the sketch pad with our usual mission of defining what should the Fightin’s look like? We started with very rough sketches. One of our first ideas was to use the Phillie Phanatic as a jump off point. What if we could do a Huey, Dewey, and Louie thing with the Phanatic being the Donald Duck in the family. We liked the idea of tying the club back to Philly with boxing/Rocky references.

We also knew that the Crazy Hotdog vendor, the Ostrich riding hotdog throwing mascot has emerged in the last few years as a fan favorite, especially for kids. So we focused an early round on concepts that depicted the ostrich and the crazy hotdog vendor.

Here are some different “F” options, very crude but you can see the influence of the big Phils logos on the design. With a lot more “Reading circus” thrown into the mix.

Here are some script options. Again, a lot of big Phils inspiration.

Tomorrow, more sketches! Thursday night one of the hat designs will be available in the Clink Room store!

Margarita Bike

Check out this Margarita Bike at the Eugene Emeralds game! Nothing shows Minor League hustle, quite like the dedicated Ems staff peddling for your frothy goodness. Not only do these wacky contraptions make us fall in love with Minor League Baseball, they get the creative mind flowing with all kinds of new possibilities. What new inventions do we need at Minor League parks this year?

Kick this weekend’s ass Clinkers!

Happy Anniversary WDI

60 years ago Walt Disney had an idea for a magical place where fathers could take their daughters on Saturdays. Not all of the Walt Disney Company was on board with his idea. So Walt secretly pulled animators and set designers from from their desks, and stashed them around the studio to work on his magical place. With his own money Walt formed WED Enterprises (Walter Elias Disney) and, with the help of those animators and set designers, built that place we call Disneyland.

Here’s how Walt described it…

“Well, WED is, you might call it my backyard laboratory, my workshop away from work. It served a purpose in that some of the things I was planning, like Disneyland for example… it’s pretty hard for banking minds to go with it… so I had to go ahead on my own and develop it to a point where they could begin to comprehend what I had on my mind.”

In 1987 WED Enterprises was renamed Walt Disney Imagineering and they celebrate 60 inspiring years this year.

Happy New Year!

New Year’s Eve is one of my top 3 favorite holidays. It’s a time to celebrate the magic of the past year, while toasting to the possibilities of the next. It’s a holiday where the world comes together and brings their dreams and goals with them. It’s a reset, and a fresh start, and a plan and a blank canvas. Here’s to everything we’re all going to create in The Clink Room this year.