Wild Moon Tommy Sloop Pirates

Christian! Great redo! Done! This guy has really grown on me. I think it’s stellar.

Christian! Love me some Moonshiner tales. Love how accurate that awesome moonshine runner car is. That’s the birth of the first car in Nascar right there. Love it. I think you don’t need the moon or the dust. I’d stick to the car and tilt those wheels giving us that speed element. What about XXX on the side of the car? What about 3 crescent moons? What about a white lighting/moon logo combo? Dope start.

Christian! Again, heat. I usually don’t like pit bull designs but this one is really great I love all the hard angles and how you broke the lighting down is great. One-n-done!

Derek! MUCH better use of the front of the hat. Very nice. Done!

Dino! I like this but it feels similar to some other skull logos I’ve seen. How can you add some new elements in there to make it extra unique? What about a unique bandana print? Something Miami-esque, like flamingos or palms? What about making that “M” bigger? What about ditching the lower jaw giving more emphasis to the other elements? What about making that earring look more like a neon sign, tying it back into that Miami vibe. Great start, now tip it over the edge.

Aussie Ry! LOVE that pompadour! Done!

Goat 66er Rocket Goat Lions

Lewis! You’re flirting with some Clink royalty right here. Our first hat we ever released as apart our contest series. It’s a pretty great design and I hope to revive it soon. But I dig this one too! Totally different take and the grimy ness of this guy really makes him stand out. I think the character is perfect but I’d like to see you make the “G” a little more elegant. Get on it!

Paul! Also flirting with a preexisting identity, yet also very different. I think the “W/spaceship” is cool. But I think that alien in the retro baseball mascot swinging pose is super sweet. Do me a favor rename his design and spend a little time sprucing up that alien and you’ve got ourself a contender. Great work!

Toban! I was hoping to get some iconic city transport up in the mix and you’ve done a great job here. I think you should ditch the baseball. And just concentrate on the Rocket. Can you give him more of a swoop motion as well? I think his personality is really cool but a good curving swoop motion will give him a lot of movement. Great start!

Matthew! WOW! I love this concept. The basketball/lion’s mane is an amazing concept. I’d like to see one alteration. I think the mane would read more as a basketball if you moved the lion’s face down revealing more of the lines on the basketball. Other than that you’re ready to go. Maybe a colorway change up? Brown and yellow are the sole domain of the 80s Padres, you heard me University of Wyoming!

Szabolcs! Love this idea of the drunk goat. I want more drunk and less silly. I also think that a symmetrical angle of the goat’s head would make that cool broken horn more dynamic. Lets see it!

Goody Bags!

We love us some swag here in The Clink Room. So when Hat Club began fulfilling orders for us we knew we had to figure out a great way to deliver Clink swag to Clinkers around the World. That means stuffed goody bags with each Clink purchase. Signed artwork, patches, stickers, trinkets from around the office, even a few hidden secret hints for upcoming collaborations and designs. They’re real fun. Head over to their online store to get your hat and goody bag.

Strong Friday Finish!

Brad! Very nice redo. The “SF” shield is solid! Done!

Lalo! Really like this guy, very Ed Roth, very Claymore(Have you guys watched that anime? One of my favorites.) I’d like to see that guy without the baseball hat and crossed clubs vs. the bats. You know, like a mutant would play baseball with. That makes me think the hat could be done all chewed up and look really cool too. Great start!

Matthew! Now this is an ample of a guy that might not know Illustrator or Photoshop very well but he had a great idea and a great design. He mentioned in his email that he wanted to submit this on the form but I couldn’t wait. It’s so cool we went ahead and threw it on a hat. For those of you that may not know, the Seals train her in San Diego on Coronado Island. It’s an awesome concept and a great simple design. One-n-done!

Chris! Another strong entry from a battle tested Clinker. Love it. I think I would have used the off-white on the feather shading but I’m just nitpicking. Gorgeous work, one-n-done.

John! This guys is cool. Whenever a designer creates a design of a miner (including us) we always make him look like George Clooney with some coal dust on his face. This guy has a dirty curl mullet, a crooked smile, and carbon monoxide poisoning. I want you to work on defining that helmet more. I think the neon green is the perfect color to give you that shiny helmet vibe. Lets get a little definition in that helmet. Get on it!

It was a great round of entries this week. You all should be proud. Kick this weekend’s ass Clinkers!

River Pigs Steam Feral Bucks

Justin! Very cool character, great expression all that. But I need to storytelling elements in here. It’s just a rat right now. If you go for the river thing then try to find some river storytelling elements to throw in there. I dig the hidden “W”s but, you know, they’re hidden. Great start!

Cooper! Love this story. Amazing material to work with. I like the overall hat concept but I think this would work great as a regular sized logo on the front of the hat. Just a badass pigs head given us the stink eye. Like we just walked into the wrong bar. Get on it! You’ve got the best story of the whole contest in your hands. I want magic!

Nick! I love how you chose to render this logo. It feel seedy in the right Vegasy way. Like it’s a sign you’d see at a pawn shop or check cashing store on the edge of town. Great work! One-n-done!

Adam! Very nice rendering! Clean concept and a nice simple execution. I like the shape of the logo as well. Real nice. One-n-done!

Efra! He’s back and he’s here to cause a ruckus! I love the retro vibe you caputured with this guy. The fur, the eyes, the stubby whiskers. Perfection. One-n-done and my favorite design of the contest so far. Well done as always Efra!

Gold Krampus Steam Digger Gulls

Todd! I love the Krampus myth! Not only an amazing creepy name but a hilarious counter point to the sugary Christmas that we know. One-n-done!

Cody! Love this revision! Very nice work. Done!

Andrew! We always seem to get a Steampunk hat in the mix for these contests and I really like yours. The vibe and story telling elements are great. The rendering style is great, I love the pinstripe beard. Great work! One-n-done!

Redbeard! Happy to see you back! Your skills and rendering ability is awesome. I’m a little concerned that the gold pan doesn’t read as a pan right away. Not only does the bottom of the background circe confuse the shape of the pan but I think we need to see the pan in a tilted angle with the ball in the nook of the pan where the gold would lie. OR…you could just work with that awesome pickaxe. that’s one nice design you’ve hidden up there. Great start, lets see you push it to the epic proportions it deserves.

Patrick! This! Needs a grey visor, but since that’s the colorway and not the design…One-n-done!

Old Los Hell Jo Riders

We’ve got so many entries, I’m so thrilled. Keep them coming! But please be patient with us, we’re going to get them out as fast as possible.

Jordan! Really like this. THe negative shape and simplicity of this mark is very strong. I want the steer to have a longer snout. Other than that it’s great!

Joe! This character looks familiar. Have you submitted it before? I like the idea of and all white stag on a hat. And this guy has a great personality. I really like the “W” that his horns make. One-n-done! Great work!

Algot! Just like your epic sloths entry this one has that amazing old timey folk arty charm that just gets me. Great work! One-n-done!

Markus! Freaky! I really like this character and the concept of a Hellfish. Couple ideas to max this bad boy out. Remove the outline and out it on a grey hat to give us that emerging from the deep effect. I also want the fishes nostrils more defined. They look pinched and I think a couple well placed nostrils would really give him a lot more life. Clinkers be international! Great start!

Joe! DITCH THE TEXT! Other than that and the fact that I can’t stop thinking about Bladerunner, it’s a great design and an even better colorway. Clinkers be international! Good stuff.

Jake! Very cool. It’s got a great 80s vibe. I want to see this concept in an “H” for Hawaii. I think it could be a hit! You got it in you? Also, make the sun orange not metallic gold. Great concept, keep it up!

Cincinnati Reds New BP Hats

Clinkers! Jason and I wanted to take a victory lap around The Clink Room today. The Cincinnati Reds just unveiled their new BP hats for the 2013 season and the chose to adorn it with our Mr. Red Legs! We’re very excited and I’m thrilled that they’ve gone back to the 59Fifty for the BP hats. Grab yours here. We just might need to have these stocked in the Clink store soon!

Philly Mallard Sound Blue Bombs

Mason! I like the character but The Hundreds is huge so we’ll have to pass on this design. You got the chops, lets see another idea with these skills behind it.

Kyler! Mmmm…. One-n-done.

David! Cool idea of riding a sound wave. I’m worries about the detail of the sound wave and how that would look embroidered. Does the red circle represent the Japanese flag? If so ditch that black outline. Right now this designs suffers a little from a layering problem. This design could use a little weaving of the elements into 1 design. Right now the elements are floating on top of each other. What if the surfer was cutting back across the front of the circle and the sound waves were behind the circle? You picking up what I’m puttin’ down?

Scott! Mmmmm…done.

Matt! This guys is rad! Great work! Simple and full of personality! Amazing. One-n-done!

Kick this weekend’s ass Clinkers!