Philly Mallard Sound Blue Bombs

Mason! I like the character but The Hundreds is huge so we’ll have to pass on this design. You got the chops, lets see another idea with these skills behind it.

Kyler! Mmmm…. One-n-done.

David! Cool idea of riding a sound wave. I’m worries about the detail of the sound wave and how that would look embroidered. Does the red circle represent the Japanese flag? If so ditch that black outline. Right now this designs suffers a little from a layering problem. This design could use a little weaving of the elements into 1 design. Right now the elements are floating on top of each other. What if the surfer was cutting back across the front of the circle and the sound waves were behind the circle? You picking up what I’m puttin’ down?

Scott! Mmmmm…done.

Matt! This guys is rad! Great work! Simple and full of personality! Amazing. One-n-done!

Kick this weekend’s ass Clinkers!


28 thoughts on “Philly Mallard Sound Blue Bombs

  1. Ha, gotta love how Matt Wilcox describes his design as “a universal symbol for many to connect with and call their own”. Seems like that’s exactly what he thought when he blatantly lifted the Quad City logo!

  2. Mason: Would there be a way to find a different way to represent this same name? Right now, as well as perhaps being too similar to an already-established brand (as well as a local Roller Derby team), it almost seems too literal. Maybe choose another city and/or make it more abstract? What about cherry silhouettes a la Pacman on the nose of a WWII bomber like silhouettes of fighter panes signifying enemy kills?

    Kyler: Sweet (and smokey and savory)! It’s incredibly successful as there doesn’t seem to be any extraneous detail. Every detail is needed and no detail is extra. Props for the f-holes in use as slots on the spatula!

    David: Maybe the rising sun is too on the nose? What if you ditched it, and focused on the soundwaves, simplifying them and making them into the shape of Mt. Fuji? Keeping the surfer in black silhouette with red soundwaves on a white hat would keep your color scheme.

    Scott: Now I’m hungry for lunch before breakfast!

    Matt: I much prefer your duck to the Quad Cities’, but the similarities, especially the pose, are too similar. That said, a Mallard is too iconic to be restricted to one type of depiction. Keep the head, but pose the body in a different way and it’s a winner!

  3. PS. I have difficulty believing that someone with Matt’s obvious talent and originality – see the Steins for proof! – would have copied another logo. Especially for submission to a website frequented by sports logophiles. If anything, the Quad Cities Mallards would do well to use this version. It corrects a lot of odd shapes and design choices in their official version. I’m calling it an unfortunate coincidence.

  4. Kyler—That just makes me hungry. Congrats on a design that evokes a feeling.

    Matt—I like the mallard. I don’t think it too similar to Quad Cities. The only similarity that bothers me is the heavy black at the edge of the wings. I definitely don’t think he lifted the design. I know one of my biggest fears is designing a logo without realizing someone has done something similar. I am terrified of that. It seems like so many designs have been done by now, its hard to be 100% original.

  5. Matt’s Mallard is eerily similar to the hockey team. The illustration style and color choices are hard to ignore.

    Plus, I mean, theyre both called the Mallards. It’s a great looking illustration, but i think a good amount of adjustments will have to be made for it to be considered as a possible winner, without stepping on Quad City’s toes.

  6. Granted, the pose is similar, but the rendering styles are different, in my opinion. And in terms of the color way being similar, well, that is the color of a mallard. I’m not defending anyone—I don’t have a dog in the fight—I’m just offering my opinion as a designer. I certainly can’t speak for the artist’s intentions or inspirations. I just feel that they are different stylistically with the exception of the wings. But wing similarity doesn’t necessarily mean copying. I would try another pose (what if the mallard was flying right at you) or another way to make it more clever. What if the mallard is treated as if its a seaplane landing, or play up the wilderness/environment aspect of it, or what if the mallard were a tour guide (since Hanover is the mallard capital of the world, there must be some sight-seers)?

    • Whoa, I agree with Chris on this one. That Quad City Mallards logo is very close to this entry. Too close for my comfort. I don’t think it’s plagiarism but it’s eerily close.

  7. I don’t know If I have seen a more heated discussion in the clink room. I think it is an awesome mark made by a designer with skills but it is still a tad close for me. It could be coincidence. People refer to the colorway but what other colors really would you make a mallard. These colors help you identify what you are looking at without them you would be guessing what kind of bird it is.

  8. The colorway can be changed to be whatever you want it to be. i just googled mallards and you can see they have differnet hues of browns…even blues in their wings. it’s biting if you ask me. i always google logos and pictures to try and be sure i’m not copying anything.
    it’s just too close for my taste

  9. My opinion: If you’re passing up on the Cherry Bombs, you’ll have to pass up the Mallards first.

    Ofcourse I know The Hundreds’ Adam Bomb, but the Cherry Bombs made no connection to me.
    People could easily asociate the Mallards with the Quad City team, they might even think it’s a new/old/alternate logo…

  10. I just want to address a few things before the current conversation continues.

    To start I just want to say that this wasn’t intentional. I’m not here to rip anybody off for my own gain. I really don’t want anybody to feel like I was hoping to pull a fast one on this community, I have too much respect for the designers here, as well as Jason and Casey to do so. In addition, Matt Kauzlarich the Quad City designer, frequents the few places that I post my work and I believe is even entering this contest. I’m not, and I certainly hope nobody would be, blatantly stupid enough to showcase a rip job. That being said this does all fall on me as a designer. When I started designing I would study the portfolios of Matt, and many others to see exactly how they did what they did. And its often a struggle to keep those ideas, and ways of rendering out of my own work, because they played such an important role in my introduction to design. More due diligence was certainly needed on my part, I don’t want to hide that fact. Just know that I certainly didn’t intend for similarities to occur.

    That being said I don’t think the above discussion needs to continue, though I thank those who care enough to have the conversation. At this point it doesn’t matter whether everybody sees a connection or not, it only matters that some do. I don’t want my design to have those connections/connotations in people’s minds, and I’m going back to the drawing board to address the issues that everybody has brought up. I think the main points that need to change are the colourway and the wings, feel free to tell me if there are any other concerns (though I don’t see any at the moment). I think simply changing the wing position will fix the issues, but I am going to explore some different poses. Thanks to everybody who has offered suggestions so far, they will definitely be considered, if not make it to the final logo.

    Feel free to continue offering suggestions for my design, but please don’t ignore the other entries. There are some great ones in this post (I really like the Bluegrass), and I don’t want this conversation to distract everybody too much from them.

  11. I must say, I don’t understand the concern over the Cherry Bombs and The Hundreds. Aside from being bombs, I don’t find much similar in these at all. Is the main concern that just the subject matter alone being paired with apparel makes it too similar?

    • The issue with The Hundreds Adam Bomb and Cherry Bombs is that they both appear on 59Fiftys in a similar market place. Also, it’s the concept that’s similar, not the artwork. Although the design has a few too many elements in common for my liking.

  12. That Mallards logo is awesome. I’d be concerned about the QC Mallards though.
    Cherry Bombs looks nice, I’d thicken up the lines and call it done. Love the colors.

  13. Mason – tough break, keen to see another design from you though!

    Kyler – this is the standout in this batch for me. I had a similar idea that ill scrap now. But you pulled it off better than I think I could have. Nice work!

    David – I think simplicity is the key here, lets see that redo!

    Scott – mmmmm much better, nice redo indeed! Well done.

    Matt – I appreciate your lengthy explanation, well said. Looking forward to your infamous redo on this one.

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