Cincinnati Reds New BP Hats

Clinkers! Jason and I wanted to take a victory lap around The Clink Room today. The Cincinnati Reds just unveiled their new BP hats for the 2013 season and the chose to adorn it with our Mr. Red Legs! We’re very excited and I’m thrilled that they’ve gone back to the 59Fifty for the BP hats. Grab yours here. We just might need to have these stocked in the Clink store soon!


9 thoughts on “Cincinnati Reds New BP Hats

  1. J&C – Congrats! take a lap, hell take 10!

    That UP logo looks very similar to my University’s logo, that’s weird…regardless, never seen that site before, looks interesting. What a great mascot J&C created for those guys!

    Tanas – Yeah I’m keen to see how that alt. material fits?…

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