Old Los Hell Jo Riders

We’ve got so many entries, I’m so thrilled. Keep them coming! But please be patient with us, we’re going to get them out as fast as possible.

Jordan! Really like this. THe negative shape and simplicity of this mark is very strong. I want the steer to have a longer snout. Other than that it’s great!

Joe! This character looks familiar. Have you submitted it before? I like the idea of and all white stag on a hat. And this guy has a great personality. I really like the “W” that his horns make. One-n-done! Great work!

Algot! Just like your epic sloths entry this one has that amazing old timey folk arty charm that just gets me. Great work! One-n-done!

Markus! Freaky! I really like this character and the concept of a Hellfish. Couple ideas to max this bad boy out. Remove the outline and out it on a grey hat to give us that emerging from the deep effect. I also want the fishes nostrils more defined. They look pinched and I think a couple well placed nostrils would really give him a lot more life. Clinkers be international! Great start!

Joe! DITCH THE TEXT! Other than that and the fact that I can’t stop thinking about Bladerunner, it’s a great design and an even better colorway. Clinkers be international! Good stuff.

Jake! Very cool. It’s got a great 80s vibe. I want to see this concept in an “H” for Hawaii. I think it could be a hit! You got it in you? Also, make the sun orange not metallic gold. Great concept, keep it up!


12 thoughts on “Old Los Hell Jo Riders

  1. Jordan – Man this reminds me of the infamous Buff-a-slug! nice start, but yeah let’s see that longer snout, perhaps a mean grin too!

    Joe – Nice work. I didn’t pick up on the “W” at all. I really like the neck tuft of hair and the shadow on this! Overall a nice flowing design.

    Algot – My man! As Casey put it another “old timey folk arty charm” Great work!

    Markus – Great start! such a weird look creature. I think simplicity is the key here, simplify and you’re on your way!

    Joe – Nice start! I’d roll with just the lion silhouette with some flag colours in the background.

    Jake – Rad colourway! I’d like to see some more room and flow within the “O”. Less water, more sky and you’re good to go!

  2. Jordan: Just what others have said; extend the snout and a little more ferocity in the expression, and it’s done! I do like the pacific and navy blue with a bolt of gold for the highlight.

    Joe: It’s obvious what the animal is, but the integrated antler “W” is great. Antlers can be some complicated 3-D shapes to render in two dimensions, but you’ve succeeded. If there was an edit, I might ditch the angry clenched teeth. The stag is regal enough that I don’t think it needs that detail.

    Algot: So simple and so perfect as a mascot. And it makes a “P”? Great!

    Markus: It’s really creepy, but it also has a lot of detail. I’d suggest focusing on the iconic details that will immediately read as “Devil” and “Fish.”

    Joe: Is there anything that can tie the lion to the city specifically? It seems to have a tourist-hat feel currently, though removing the city name will help this. I’m feeling a conflict about what is the most important element of the design. Is it the S.A. flag or is it the lion? Right now I feel as though the flag is the primary element, which may not be what you were intending.

    Jake: I am seeing the similarities to two Hat Club designs (http://www.hatclub.com/Brands/Hat-Club-5950-Sunset-Cliffs-Fitted-Hat-Black-22135, http://www.hatclub.com/Brands/Hat-Club-5950-Racer-Los-Angeles-Fitted-Hat-Storm-22148), so your challenge is to distance yourself. The light blue color is a good start. Agreed with Aussie Ry about adding flow to the “O”. I know its representing a wave, but I’m not feeling the wave. Like Joe’s design, I’m getting the impression that the sunset is the focus when the intention is to focus on the O. Which should it be?

  3. Algot-I loved the sloths cap. Did that one ever come out? I really want one. The pelican is so cool I love the cartoonish designs you use. an amazing one and done my favorite entry so far.

    Joe-ditch the text. Maybe get rid of the big white spot and make the lions and the buildings white instead.

    Jordan- Awesome make the snout longer and your done. Also can you please make the name bigger i can’t see where the team is.

    Rossi- great one and done. Like many I didn’t sea the w at first but it looks great.

    Mark- great name simplify the design and your done.

    Jake- i love it I’ve been to Hawaii before and this is a great way to represent the state. I’d make it an H. Love all the color.

  4. Thanks everyone! I’m glad people like it as much as I do. C, I already adjusted the snout and resubmitted before I saw your comment, but it’s the Omaha Thunder. I’ll make the adjustment either way as it does need to be larger anyway.

    That Pelican hat is incredible! Really diggin’ the 60’s vibe.

  5. Mine’s the white stag logo, thanks for the positive feedback everyone – quite encouraging. I had a straight mouth on it at one time, but it just wasn’t aggressive enough for my taste. But I do have the older version. So pumped about about everyone diggin’ it. Cheers guys!

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