Gold Krampus Steam Digger Gulls

Todd! I love the Krampus myth! Not only an amazing creepy name but a hilarious counter point to the sugary Christmas that we know. One-n-done!

Cody! Love this revision! Very nice work. Done!

Andrew! We always seem to get a Steampunk hat in the mix for these contests and I really like yours. The vibe and story telling elements are great. The rendering style is great, I love the pinstripe beard. Great work! One-n-done!

Redbeard! Happy to see you back! Your skills and rendering ability is awesome. I’m a little concerned that the gold pan doesn’t read as a pan right away. Not only does the bottom of the background circe confuse the shape of the pan but I think we need to see the pan in a tilted angle with the ball in the nook of the pan where the gold would lie. OR…you could just work with that awesome pickaxe. that’s one nice design you’ve hidden up there. Great start, lets see you push it to the epic proportions it deserves.

Patrick! This! Needs a grey visor, but since that’s the colorway and not the design…One-n-done!


16 thoughts on “Gold Krampus Steam Digger Gulls

  1. Todd – somebody’s been watching The League, haha.
    Great work!

    Cody – Now that’s how you do a revision! Perfect re-do and so unexpected! Glad this design popped into your head.

    Andrew – Nice concept! Just a little confused on why he is tilted so much and only showing part of his collar? Congrats on the one-and-done.

    Old Redbeard – Damn your good! Great work. I’d experiment with ditching the bottom segment of the circle. Other than that you’re gold, he he.

    Patrick – Great idea! clean and simple! Congrats on the one-and-done.

    Casey – You guys really must be swamped with entries!!! We getting a loose deadline anytime soon?

  2. Todd: I can’t say I was familiar with the myth, but after some quick research to gain understanding, I find it curious that you’ve chosen a color palette that takes the concept away from evil and creepy.

    Cody: Great edit. You’ve turned your concept into a solid icon!

    Andrew: I’d echo Aussie Ry in that the angle of his head is a little odd. I do like the magenta and yellow with the black. It’s not what I would have expected, but it’s great!

    Redbeard: Focus on that pickaxe! I think it speaks more to your team name than the gold pan anyway. I really like the “D” too. Maybe intersect those two? If you keep the baseball nugget in he pan, though, I’d hint more at the stitching of the ball to keep it from reading too much like a tennis ball. I could really see that as a sleeve patch, though.

    Patrick: Seagulls can be so creepy when seen head-on. Perfect!

  3. PS. Casey: any upcoming MiLB announcements that we can look forward to? Any other work you can tease, even if it’s just “new work coming in the next month!”

  4. Todd—Very nice. I wonder what would happen if you replaced the gray in the horns with the golden peach color to simplify things slightly. It might feel more cohesive, though this design is awesome as-is.

    Cody—OMG (said squeeling like a little girl). This has to be considered for redo of the year. Very creative idea. Love it. I love the idea of the minor working hard and not even having a clue about what he is about to stumble upon. Brilliant! Easily one of the best (if not the best) design at telling a story.

  5. I know I’ve asked before…but can we get some back stories on these entries? Holy hell, what does Providence have to do with Steampunks. I’m not knocking any designs, but this isn’t a free for all league. And some of these do not make any sense to me.

  6. So there was a couple things going on in mine. You are not a true San Diegan until a Sea Gull has pooped on or around you, mix in the fact that it was the name of our minor league hockey team for years, mixed with the colors (Brown and yellow, old school Pads and Chargers gold) I thought San Diegans would pick up what I was putting down.

  7. I think Patrick was just responding to OG Martin’s request for the story behind the design. I am kind of onboard with OG Martin in wondering the connection between Steampunk and Providence. There might be a whole cool historical connection between the two that I just don’t know about.

  8. Thanks guys. Kevin, the scene you described is nearly verbatim to the description I submitted. Glad to see the story translates visually without the need for an actual written narrative! Thanks again.

  9. For all of the folks asking about the connection between Providence and Steam Punks, I wrote a note to Casey and the gang explaining the connection but didn’t have room to post in on the form. But the story goes a little something like this:

    Providence (and the state of Rhode Island as a whole) were one of the first states to industrialize during the 19th century. Steam power was a particularly important aspect of the city and state’s development, and there’s even a museum about 30 minutes outside the city dedicated to steam technology (the New England Wiresless and Steam Museum). Every year they host a “Steam Up” where they bring some of the steam engines out of the museum and fire them up for folks to watch. Providence was also home to the NBA Providence Steamrollers, a founding member of the NBA and the last “big four” team to play in the city (bonus points to Jesse for the catch!). Combine all of the history with a dash of RISD “quirk” and you get…Steam Punks.

    As for the questions abou the tilt of the head, I was trying to give the design a dynamic “leering from the shadows” feel to it. That and its a fairly tall design and angling the head allowed me to make the design larger.

    When Casey and co. asked for “deep cut, odd, and interesting” I figured I’d give it to them.

  10. Thanks for the clarification, Andrew. Getting done backstory on the local flavor really helps in understanding the design. Aesthetically, I wonder if adding some organic shapes might help. I’m having some difficulty understanding what is the industrial parts of the design (the goggles) and what is natural (the hair and beard). There seem to be too many hard angles for my taste.

  11. Casey, I was responding for the back story but I definitely agree on the grey hat. It would give it more of a feeling that it’s a gull head.

  12. Andrew, I was just using the Steampunks as an example, but great back story. I just meant as a consensus some of the entries have no story (visible anyways) and I don’t know the common ground between the city’s and the logos. (i.e. san diego resurrect).

  13. OG Martin – Yeah I’m with you, some of the entries are self explanatory, whilst others that are a little more unique require some back story. I’d suggest people who couldn’t fit in a story on their entry OR feel it needs some further explanation, just post a little something in the comments section for clarification.

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