River Pigs Steam Feral Bucks

Justin! Very cool character, great expression all that. But I need to storytelling elements in here. It’s just a rat right now. If you go for the river thing then try to find some river storytelling elements to throw in there. I dig the hidden “W”s but, you know, they’re hidden. Great start!

Cooper! Love this story. Amazing material to work with. I like the overall hat concept but I think this would work great as a regular sized logo on the front of the hat. Just a badass pigs head given us the stink eye. Like we just walked into the wrong bar. Get on it! You’ve got the best story of the whole contest in your hands. I want magic!

Nick! I love how you chose to render this logo. It feel seedy in the right Vegasy way. Like it’s a sign you’d see at a pawn shop or check cashing store on the edge of town. Great work! One-n-done!

Adam! Very nice rendering! Clean concept and a nice simple execution. I like the shape of the logo as well. Real nice. One-n-done!

Efra! He’s back and he’s here to cause a ruckus! I love the retro vibe you caputured with this guy. The fur, the eyes, the stubby whiskers. Perfection. One-n-done and my favorite design of the contest so far. Well done as always Efra!


23 thoughts on “River Pigs Steam Feral Bucks

  1. Justin – seeing as there is another river rat entry already, I’d make your revision as quirky as you can to stand out. Great start!

    Cooper – nice story, but I was never a fan of full cap designs. Is love to see another kick ass pig a la that Bluegrass entry, so good. Looking forward to see what you come up with.

    Nick – I absolutely love this! I’ve got a $ themed entry that should be coming up soon too. That said yours is completely different. I love the concept, execution and colour way. This is one of my favourites so far. Nice job!

    Adam – nice clean style! Any reason the steam pipes make an “H”? Congrats on the done!

    Efra – yet another solid entry from you! The only thing bugging me is I feel like the left eye needs a black outline, right now it’s an open area. I get it why you did it but my eye is just drawn to it. That said, I dig your style, team name and colour way.

  2. Efra- I agree about the outline on the left eye being the only problem you have. You could have the tan part stop where the eyebrow sticks out and then move the red outline directly against the eye, if you get what im saying.

  3. Also the more i look at it from far away the more im thinking that the ear hole is a little to small. But overall definately my favorite so far.

  4. Casey – Wow! thanks for the kind words, I always appreciate and value your feedback.

    Thanks guys!

    Aussie Ry + Jesse – yeah, i noticed that but it doesn’t bother me, in fact i kindda like it. i based the design on old school cartoons like Tom and Jerry and I love how those old hand-drawn cartoons had little quirks like that.

  5. Justin: Agreed on two points: make him quirky, and add storytelling details.A great start, though! Not that it being the second entry to share a name disqualifies it, but would there be another name to make it town-specific? Just looking at the city Wikipedia page, maybe add a coonskin cap to reference its place on the Great Wagon Road, or a civil war cap to point to the story of the flood preventing Lee’s retreat from Gettysburg? Just some thoughts.

    Cooper: turning the entire hat into the mascot needs to be used judiciously. With the story you’re telling, making it a regular-proportioned logo might be the way to go.Maybe reference the exploration Jason and Casey did for Lehigh Valley for inspiration? http://brandiose.com/behind-the-scenes/lehigh-valley/1

    Nick: Great colors and execution! I can almost hear the neon buzzing and flickering.

    Adam: I really like the way that the lighter blue keyline flows directly into the steam and waves. Is there a reason the logo is moving toward the left and not right? It’s definitely not wrong, of course. The smokestacks do read as an “H,”, which might be corrected with a highlight on the crossbar.

    Efra: Perfect. The OCD part of me is stemming on the red on cream (great color choice) portion of the eye, but more of me thinks it gives the logo a lot of its vintage appeal. Perfect.

  6. C – I’d stick with a red pig, as most people think pink when they think pig, but red is tougher and still suits (this design in-particular). So in answer to your question, I’d roll with something like a slate grey or black hat. But red on black is always a winner. Looking forward to that re-do!

  7. C – Pink snout, but that’s just my opinion. The pink and red work well together. I’m keen to see a mean lookin’ red pig with an eye-patch!

  8. Casey + Aussie Ry + Nathan: Thanks for the kind words guys! It’s a blast to see everyone’s designs…so much talent and creativity out there!

  9. Agreed on the Ferals – amazing work, Efra! For my money currently the logo to beat in the contest.

    I like the Las Vegas Bucks – nice play on words and great use of the cash bag and neon motif.

    Adam – great job on the Steamboats logo!

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