Strong Friday Finish!

Brad! Very nice redo. The “SF” shield is solid! Done!

Lalo! Really like this guy, very Ed Roth, very Claymore(Have you guys watched that anime? One of my favorites.) I’d like to see that guy without the baseball hat and crossed clubs vs. the bats. You know, like a mutant would play baseball with. That makes me think the hat could be done all chewed up and look really cool too. Great start!

Matthew! Now this is an ample of a guy that might not know Illustrator or Photoshop very well but he had a great idea and a great design. He mentioned in his email that he wanted to submit this on the form but I couldn’t wait. It’s so cool we went ahead and threw it on a hat. For those of you that may not know, the Seals train her in San Diego on Coronado Island. It’s an awesome concept and a great simple design. One-n-done!

Chris! Another strong entry from a battle tested Clinker. Love it. I think I would have used the off-white on the feather shading but I’m just nitpicking. Gorgeous work, one-n-done.

John! This guys is cool. Whenever a designer creates a design of a miner (including us) we always make him look like George Clooney with some coal dust on his face. This guy has a dirty curl mullet, a crooked smile, and carbon monoxide poisoning. I want you to work on defining that helmet more. I think the neon green is the perfect color to give you that shiny helmet vibe. Lets get a little definition in that helmet. Get on it!

It was a great round of entries this week. You all should be proud. Kick this weekend’s ass Clinkers!


16 thoughts on “Strong Friday Finish!

  1. Brad – Nice re-do! Interesting that you went with the SF and The Rock, i was thinking one or the other, but I think it works, due to the subtlety of the rock being red on red.

    Lalo – Now that’s what I’m talkin’ bout! Some old school hot rod culture. I’m not entirely sure what Casey is getting at with the bats thing, so good luck on your re-do. I like this guy!

    Matthew – Nice work! Great concept, great camo colourway! Also good on you for giving adobe ps or ai a crack, you did good.

    Chris – Nice work as usual! But I can’t help but just see the Atlanta Braves “A”. That said I dig the colourway and the feather.

    John – Really cool concept! I love that this dude looks like Kenny Powers! Simplify the hat and you’re done!

  2. Brad: Adjusting the hat badge gives your design just the right amount of specificity. I’d love to see a secondary mark featuring the “SF” guard badge. Nice update!

    Lalo: I realize I’m admitting my lack of knowledge here, but what does the name mean? It’s great in its simplicity and expertly rendered, but my lack of a reference point (a personal issue, admittedly) prevents my fro offering more compliment or criticism.

    Matthew: I must be dense this morning. It took me three passes at your design to read it as a SEAL! Genius! All of a sudden the camp and the hat made perfect sense. What I initially took as a well-executed logo suddenly got a whole new level of appreciation. I really love the camo bill. I can just imagine new editions of this hat with different camo patterns.

    Chris: Not my favorite of your submissions, but there’s nothing to critique. Solid!

    John: I agree with Casey. Define the helmet more so that it clearly reads as a miner’s helmet. Maybe defining the helmet shape in a thread color to match the hat color, with the neon highlights on top of that? The Neon green is a great way to reference the electric part of Scranton without obvious lightening bolt or outlet icons.

  3. I love me some Kustom Kulture inspired art, Lalo I love this logo! I disagree with Casey, I would keep the bats, maybe make them smaller and the head bigger. My one other suggestion is maybe a brighter green, i would even go with a neon green and add some flies just to capture more of the Ed “Big Daddy” Roth vibe.

    Chris – Not only is that feather rendered beautifully but the way it floats and casts a shadow puts it over the top for me, awesome!

  4. One problem I was having with the “SF” and or “A” for alcatraz initials was that it made the rock dog look like a pilot instead of a police guard dog. So I tried to shape the letters to look more like a badge.

  5. Lalo – As I said before, really dig this guy. But correct me if I’m wrong, isn’t ugly in Spanish Feo, not Fello? Either way it’s makes for a damn catchy team name!

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