Brandiose on The Logocast

Hey Clinkers! Wanna hear an interview with Jay and myself? Mike, Danger and Greg over at Logocast have a awesome podcast and we were flattered to be invited for an interview. Head over to The Logocast and give it a listen. There’s a hours worth of deep-cut behind the scenes Brandiose stories!

PS. Hometown League posts start again tomorrow.


5 thoughts on “Brandiose on The Logocast

  1. Great stuff! (great podcast too). Loved hearing your origin story, the Clearwater Threshers and Fighting Phills stories too. Looking forward to you guys doing another one of these in future! Who knows maybe down the track there could even be a Clink Room podcast?…

  2. that segment was awesome. I always like hearing how ideas are born. Traveling to a town to gather as much research as you can is amazing. Much respect.

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