Goat 66er Rocket Goat Lions

Lewis! You’re flirting with some Clink royalty right here. Our first hat we ever released as apart our contest series. It’s a pretty great design and I hope to revive it soon. But I dig this one too! Totally different take and the grimy ness of this guy really makes him stand out. I think the character is perfect but I’d like to see you make the “G” a little more elegant. Get on it!

Paul! Also flirting with a preexisting identity, yet also very different. I think the “W/spaceship” is cool. But I think that alien in the retro baseball mascot swinging pose is super sweet. Do me a favor rename his design and spend a little time sprucing up that alien and you’ve got ourself a contender. Great work!

Toban! I was hoping to get some iconic city transport up in the mix and you’ve done a great job here. I think you should ditch the baseball. And just concentrate on the Rocket. Can you give him more of a swoop motion as well? I think his personality is really cool but a good curving swoop motion will give him a lot of movement. Great start!

Matthew! WOW! I love this concept. The basketball/lion’s mane is an amazing concept. I’d like to see one alteration. I think the mane would read more as a basketball if you moved the lion’s face down revealing more of the lines on the basketball. Other than that you’re ready to go. Maybe a colorway change up? Brown and yellow are the sole domain of the 80s Padres, you heard me University of Wyoming!

Szabolcs! Love this idea of the drunk goat. I want more drunk and less silly. I also think that a symmetrical angle of the goat’s head would make that cool broken horn more dynamic. Lets see it!


6 thoughts on “Goat 66er Rocket Goat Lions

  1. Great to see the entries rolling in again!

    Lewis – what an awesome Gollum like pose this little guy is in, I love how sketchy and creepy he looks too. I’d go with the “G” it reads better. Clean up that G and you’re good to go.

    Aussie Paul? – As a fellow Aussie, did you know that SA is also one of Australia’s UFO hotspots?
    Regardless of that, I’m with Casey on this one roll with that Martian swinging the bat it’s classic! I was also working on a design where one of my supporting alt. marks ended up becoming the primary logo. Looking forward to your revision!

    Toban – somebody’s been watching Cars 😉 great concept! I say ditch the ball and add some speed into the mix and you’re done. Great start!

    Matthew – what’s the backstory behind this one? I thought that concepts for the clink room / hometown league were baseball themed? Regardless of that, this is one clean design!

    Szabolcs – I love this guy! Love the colourway too! Perhaps give him some wonky drunk eyes and that seedy look and you’re done!

  2. Lewis: My favorite detail of your design is the splash of blood around his mouth. Possible name change aside, what if you eliminated the tail and instead created that “C” by a similar-shaped swipe of blood? Hesitant to have another Chupacabras, but I think the character is interesting enough that you could give the team a different name while keeping (most of) your design. What’s your hometown?

    Paul: Your story and character are done a disservice by your name. At least in the States, I think “66” will, for many people, immediately conjure images of the iconic Route 66 (that would be an interesting, albeit U.S-centric, theme for a league). Agreed with the others: focus on the Alien character. I think your challenge is to make that character unique with some sort of alien-inspired detail. Is he hovering? Is the bat an extra-terrestrial weapon? Maybe he’s in a different pose like bunting?

    Toban: Great personality to this! I’d agree that the baseball is extraneous, and to addition of motion and impression of speed is all you’re missing.

    Matthew: The basketball seams are a great surprise in a very refined design. What about punching up saturation of the god and brown/orange and popping it on a royal blue cap? (sidenote: I think I also automatically think “baseball” with the contests, but I guess that’s only an assumption and not a rule)

    Szabolcs: I’m going to disagree with Casey on this one. I’m afraid a symmetrical goat would be too similar to Jay’s Billy Goat Captains from a few weeks ago. Agreed that he should have more grime and less humor. I’d imagine a goat is a mean drunk, after all.

  3. I think the London Lions face could use less straight lines and maybe it could flow a little better with the lines in the basketball. Also how does a lion represent london?

  4. Paul – I agree with the others in that the alien swinging the bat has the most potential in terms of the main logo. Work on it, and I know it will look badass!

    Toban – great start to the logo here! I like the train character

    Matthew – this one is a strong contender IMHO. Great use of the basketball lines as breaks in the lion’s mane. I like the connection to London – the royal coat of arms has a lion to the side of the crest, and the Three Lions for the England football/soccer team.

    Szabolcs – I like the story behind the logo. Good work!

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