Wild Moon Tommy Sloop Pirates

Christian! Great redo! Done! This guy has really grown on me. I think it’s stellar.

Christian! Love me some Moonshiner tales. Love how accurate that awesome moonshine runner car is. That’s the birth of the first car in Nascar right there. Love it. I think you don’t need the moon or the dust. I’d stick to the car and tilt those wheels giving us that speed element. What about XXX on the side of the car? What about 3 crescent moons? What about a white lighting/moon logo combo? Dope start.

Christian! Again, heat. I usually don’t like pit bull designs but this one is really great I love all the hard angles and how you broke the lighting down is great. One-n-done!

Derek! MUCH better use of the front of the hat. Very nice. Done!

Dino! I like this but it feels similar to some other skull logos I’ve seen. How can you add some new elements in there to make it extra unique? What about a unique bandana print? Something Miami-esque, like flamingos or palms? What about making that “M” bigger? What about ditching the lower jaw giving more emphasis to the other elements? What about making that earring look more like a neon sign, tying it back into that Miami vibe. Great start, now tip it over the edge.

Aussie Ry! LOVE that pompadour! Done!


10 thoughts on “Wild Moon Tommy Sloop Pirates

  1. Christian: Nice edit to the Tommyknockers. I’m assuming that the thin gray keyline is just to indicate the edge of the black and not intended to be a stitched outline? I like this way he seems to be coming out of the hat. Similarly, I like the select details to highlight the moonshine-running car. Tilt that car to imply speed, lose the dark blue keyline and dust could, and maybe put the moon in cloud with a bolt of white lightning above and behind the car? Or maybe that’s too much. Nothing to criticize with the Wild Dogs, but its a little generic.

    Derek: Great simplification!

    Dino: I really like the diamond sparkle in the eye. It really gives a sense of intelligence and menace. There does seem to be a lot of hard angles in the rest of the design, to the point that they are distracting in how much abstracting they are doing to the skull. A revision with the addition of local flavor could make this great!

    Aussie Ry: Awesome. I don;t care what kind of creature he is, he’s got character and personality to spare!

  2. Christian –
    Tommyknockers: Love the colors. There is a brand of creme soda brewed in Colorado called TommyKnockers that is really good stuff. Moonshiners: I agree to ditch at least the dust cloud, but nice job! Wild Dogs: This logo looks too similar to ones already out there. Google pitbull logo and a bunch come up.

    Derek – Goes to show you don’t need a lot of complicated shapes and detail to make a good logo.

    Dino – Love it. I’d get rid of the star in his eyes.

    Ryan – Very nice. I like the color combos. The little thing reminds me of a creepy muppet or something like that.

  3. Christian – Terrific redo! The highlights in the beard really makes the character for me. I agree with the notes on the Moonshiners cap, and I’m angry about the Wild Dogs design. Not only did you beat me to a dog-design for STL, but you did it better than I woulda, hah! Nice work!

    Derek – Love the simple shapes in that. Awesome.

    Dino – Agree with the critiques already mentioned, but it’s great!

    Ryan – Dat Pompadour. Fantastic!

  4. Christian… I’m all for Casey’s suggestions of losing the dust cloud and the crescent moon in the sky, as well as changing the “K” on the door to “XXX”. That said, what if the bottom-right axis of each individual “X” ended in the “white lightning” bolt? Also, how about the reflection of a crescent moon appearing in the front windshield? Just food for thought.

  5. Ryan! Huge improvement on the bat. That pompadour really does it. Definitely makes it look more flame like.

    Also, Derek, Great revision. I can see the ship moving now, great look

  6. First of all I really appreciate the kind words from everybody!
    I couldn’t nail down one revision so I sent in 2, let’s just say I think Casey got where I was coming from and went with the right one!
    My other version was keeping the original hair and changing the ears to a flame shape, it didn’t work as well and definitely lost some of his battyness, so I’m glad you guys like the new do too! *sidenote – if this ever went into production I’d look into fattening up a few of the lines in his face. That is all. Now onto the others…

    Christian – As Casey said, Great re-do! This dude is so creepy, love the colours, love the weird out of the darkness angle you put on him too! I can totally see this guy with a pet Embat on his shoulder!

    Oh and another moonlight design from you too! This is some nice work also. Seems there are a lot of suggestions for a re-do on this one, so I’ll throw mine into the mix too. I’d roll with the Car as is (minus the “K”) and chuck some crescent moons into the wheels, no smoke, no moon in the sky, keep it simple, done! Good luck with the re-do!

    Sadly, your Pitbull design does nothing for me. I’d focus on that car!

    Derek – Nice re-do, I like the flow that this design has now, although I’m still not so keen on that unnecessary blue water. Minus that, this is one clean logo!

    Dino – “Heyyyyyy Youuuuu Guyyyyysss!!!” Anybody else think of The Goonies when they see this? Maybe just because I’ve got a thing for 80’s flicks. That said, I don’t think this is a bad design at all it just needs to be a little more unique. I think Casey’s suggestion of a wacky Miami bandana print would go down a treat! Even some crazy pastel colours might make this unique enough, it takes a lot to lessen the toughness of a skull design. Looking forward to seeing what you come up with!

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