Crockey Crayon Farmer Sharks

Justin! Love this guys! Love this guy! Love that the face is drawn on with crayon. Love the rendering style. 2 things and this guys is ready to go. Didtch the red crayon at the bottom. You don’t need it. And tilt him clockwise so that he look like he’s jumping off the table ready to give those snot-nosed kindergartners a piece of his mind. Great stuff!

Justin! Love this guys too. But I’m worried that the crocodile/snow thing has been done. Look up the Everblades. It’s a great idea and you should be proud of it. But they got you beat.

Will! That is the scariest plow ever! Hauling butt to some unplowed field ready to grow some stuff. What if you made the windows on the cab eyes? Or not. Either way, one-n-done!

Exo! This is sweet too. The last of the today’s strong round of entries. Good stuff. I love the stitiches as teeth marks and blood. I really like the uniqueness of this shark character. I want you to ditch the “SHARKS” text though, it doesn’t need it. And that will give you more room for it’s tail to come up into the baseball more. Maybe even allowing us to see both the top and bottom tips of it’s tail. You feel me? Epic start. I love this guy!

Redo and New Dos

Jake! Great redo. Done!

Chuck! I love the Meteorite idea. A great team name. I’m worried that this looks like the SM is on fire and not that it’s screaming through the atmosphere. I want more speed and more space. You feel me? Great start!

Derek! Love seeing old faces around this new contest. I really love me some sailing designs and I think this one’s solid. Try this for me. remove the mast let the flags just be up there and let us fill in where the mast would go. Then, smash it. Designers don’t realize how wide the front part of a hat is and a tall design like this one has to be so small just to get it to fit that you lose a lot of the size. Smash it!

Kim! Another alum. I think about your awesome “Brontos” design from time to time and it always puts a smile on my face. I love me a good Rueben Sandwich. I’m a Katz man myself. I love the marbled rye. I love the Statue of Liberty crown. I want you to try and beef up the rendering style your using for this character. More shadows, more heavy lines. Even a symmetrical design could be great. I’d like you to get the rendering so tight that you could use 2 or 3 colors and still get the sandwich/liberty crown effect. Do it!

David! This is David’s first time using Illustrator and I think it’s a great first outing. I’m proud of you for trying something new and teaching yourself a new program. That’s very admirable. I like the idea of an NY making up a skyscraper. It’s tough to tell it’s an NY though. Keep trying some different arrangements to see if you can get that clearer. The top of the Chrysler building is a great tower topper to use as your inspiration, but I want more detail in there, more shadow. Great start!

Scott! Yes! This is a great way to do a New York themed entry. I love that he’s a lizard man and he’s so full of life. I like the idea of the nail up the nose but I think it doesn’t read right away. What about making him a sword swallower? This guy in this position but with a sword hanging out of his mouth could be amazing. Do it!

The entries are piling up over here so thanks for your patience. We’re pedaling as fast as we can. Keep em coming!

Tommy Titan River Coyotes

Cylen! This is awesome! Great rendering style for embroidery, great paw and heart. I’ll admit I think it looks more like a bear paw to me but that don’t matter in the “Looks Cool” department. If the Coyotes is an important part of the design I’d go digging through Google images for coyote or dog paws to reference but other than that, one-n-done! Great work!

Greg! This is a clean look! Really nice leaf and sword rendering. I really like how seamlessly they tie themselves together. I would what it would look like done in all dark navy? No white outline, yellow not as a fill but as the highlights that make the sword and the highlights of the sword. I also think that the hilt of the sword could be used to tell a part of the story. A “T” might be a little obvious, do you have another idea? You got the skills now lets see you push this thing further into the badass territory.

Christian! Awe man this great! I love how you broke the logo into different colors, it gives it a really cool spooky “in a mine” look while also bringing a lot of volume to that head. And the story is just the kind of thing we’re looking for when naming a team. One thing that I think you could do to make this thing sing is tilt him to the left so that it looks like this disembodied head is floating through the sky at us. Just like Greg above you, you got the skills, now lets put this bad boy on the attack. Amazing stuff though, great work!

Jarrod! This character is great. Reminds me of the style you see in hotrod artwork of the 60s. That brings me to my point, what does this guys stand for? The hotrod world is awash in rat imagery, so is skateboarding. What about space? What about the ocean? The navy? The desert? Native American themes? Lets add some story to this great character you’ve got here. That will also give us some pop and color to the design. Great start and dress this rat up!

Twin Cities Lake Axolotls Steins

Cooper! I’m going to focus on your Snowmen design. Your other entry was a little too similar to a certain mutant reptile karate group. Snowmen is such a great team name. Why hasn’t that been used for a real team yet? I really love the thought you put into all the symbols and iconography of this design. The “TC” alternate logo is my favorite part of this design. I think it’s a cool idea. I want you to spend some time with that concept. The whole snowman’s not working for me. But the storm cloud with T lighting and the C all locked up is great. For me, before I start designing anything I always look at book for inspiration of what style I should use. Go to Barnes and Noble and look for old design books for font and rendering ideas. Can’t wait to see you make that TC design blossom.

Matt! Hot damn this is a great character and design. So full of life, so fun. I’m getting thirsty just looking at this guy. You’re making me second guess the Hometown League and you got me thinking that we should have gone with the Libations League idea. One-and-done!

David! My son has an amazing book called “Unusual Creatures” and this little bugger is on the cover. I love the retro style mixed with a very contemporary idea of what a mascot could be. How great would it be to see jersey with “Axolotls” on the front? One-and-done!

3 New Designed By Clinkers

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We’ll do a behind-the-scenes for these awesome styles in the next few weeks. More Hometown League entries Monday. Kick this weekend’s ass Clinkers!

Billy Goat Rock Blues

Jay! I liked your 2 other designs but this one is the strongest of the 3 some I’m going to focus on it. I don’t have much backstory on the orgins of the Billy Goat Captains (Did I miss a reference?) but I love the idea of a boat or a seafaring town having a goat for a mascot. Reminds me of a bar that might be at the docks of an old New England town or something. I really like the character and your rendering is good. I also really like the colors and a good use of shadow. I want more of a story though. How can you tell the story of what the goat does or some tall tale that he’s now a legend because of? Get what I’m going for here? You got the skills now lets see the story expanded.

Brad! Amazing skills here. This guy is full of personality and I love the idea of a doberman as a mascot for Alcatraz, perfect. I was bit by a doberman when I was a kid so I’m instantly frightened by this design. Nailed it. I’m wondering how we can tie this guy to Alcatraz more though. An “A” on his hat? Maybe an “SF”? I don’t normally encourage test but maybe “THE ROCK” around his collar? So close to a one-and-done. Get on that last detail.

John! This. Is. Awesome. Every inch of this little guys is pure sports logo folk art perfection. One-and-done.

Snow Gold Miners

Remember everyone, we post the entries in the order that they were received. So be patient.

Cody! I love this concept and your gold nuggets are exceptionally accurate to real life gold nuggets. However, we peddle in stereotypes and iconography here. I want to see big badass nuggets. Like lumps of coal but gold. I love the “G” you’ve used it’s bold sleek. But I want you to go find the mining scene in Snow White and the Seven Dwarves and recreate the wall of that mine but replace diamonds with gold nuggets and make the whole G out of rock and gold. Now go.

Jake! NO GRADIENTS. But other than that I think this is a really cool concept. Lets work on making the “L” more “L” like. Maybe shorten the back of the pickaxe? Can we make the curl at the top of the “L” more elegant? How can we add a little pop color in there. It’s a fine line to walk, but a logo doesn’t always have to use the colors of the object of animal itself in the design. Great start!

Todd! This is dope! I love how dynamic this snowflake is. It reminds me of a sleeve logo that we did a long long time ago for the Green Bay Blizzard Arena Football team. We did that identity while we were still in college, jeez that was a long time ago. But I love this thing. ONE-AND-DONE! First one of the contest. Great work now lets see another one!

Cheese Rat Bat Steaks

Aussie Ryan!!! First up with a bullet. This character is inspired by an urban legend of a bat, called the Embat, that ignites wildfires with a flap of it’s wings. I love the story, I love the Aussieness of it, your rending skills are wonderful. I’d like to see you take this guy more human torch though. The fur on his head is already there, but could we cross his ears with a flame? What about his nose? That tuft of hair on the pop of his head could be a great spot to play up that flame vibe. Right now it’s a great looking bat character with a flame in it’s eyes. Now I’d like you to intertwine the idea of bat anfd flame even more. I love it you’re really onto something!

Scott!!! This is so great. I’m a Jim’s man myself, what about you? I think you’re spot on with this design the only thing I’d add is more cheese on the leg of the “P” to help sell the “P” ness of it. The sandwich itself is a great start to a very bold “P” now lets make the cheese the volume of a very bold “P”. I think 2 or 3 drips should do it all at varying sizes. What do you think? Amazing execution and a really fun concept.

Jesse! The Flying Rats is such an epic fictional team name and I love the idea of working the Statue of Liberty into the design. I want you to look at the Stapes pigeon and all the different ways that they use the pigeon in their design. And then I want you to avoid anything similar to it like the plague. After you’ve studies that, I really think you should start with that alternate crown element and build from there. What about a pigeon head instead of the baseball? What about a rat with wings and the Liberty crown? I’d also love for you to try and go silhouette on this concept. I think it’s a complicated idea and using the silhouette would help you distill the rendering style to it’s basic elements. Try 3/4 angle, try front on, try whole body. But epic concept and a great start to the design.

David! SD represent. First off, ditch the text. No need it’s a crutch that will make your design stronger when you don’t rely on it. We’ve also had a bunch of zombie entries in the past and while none have be produced there are still some strong entries. You mentioned in your email that you wanted the arm tattooed and I think that’s a cool idea but it’s unclear in this rendering. I also think that it would be tough to show tattoo and melting flesh in the same design. It’s asking a lot of the design. So I’d pick one direction and add in another SD element. What about a zombie hand holding a burrito? What about a zombie seagull? What about a zombie surfer getting tubed in a wave of blood!? Great start lets see you take this thing up a notch.

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