March 2013 Round Up

More Hometown League entries Monday. But to finish up the week I want to do a quick round up from the Clinkuverse.

Check the pre-buzz for the Fightins’ inaugural season. Pretty cool. It’s going to be an exciting season for all our teams this year. The air is electric with a bright summer ahead for Minor League Baseball.


I found a real life version of Tom’s Sewer Gators. Terrifying and incredible.

Here is a robot bar in Tokoyo. You’re welcome…

And how about this for national news. The Leigh Valley Iron Pigs got a lot of PR yesterday when they announced their Urinal Games. What are Urinal Games? Why video games that you control with your pee of course. Head over here to get the story from Reuters.

I’ve been asked by a few people what kind of pencils and erasers we use around the office. Here’s what I recommend. A Papermate Tuff Stuff Eraser Stick and a Staedtler 925 .03 mechanical pencil.


Kick this weekend’s ass Clinkers and have a Happy Easter!

Sea-Quetz Mountaineer Trunk Feos

Danny! My son would love this guy. I love this guy. The only thing I want you to do is get that banana away from his face. In fact ditch the banana. Other than that, this guys is amazing! Great stuff!Hometown-DannyVanDerKlok-B-01

Danny! This. Look at that head! Look at those wings! A little bit of genius in this design. Amazing. One-n-done!Hometown-DannyVanDerKlok-A-01

Danny! An elephant holding a baseball bat is sticky territory. Not sure how the A’s would like this on a hat that they weren’t’ being paid for. It’s a cool design so that’s to bad. Good stuff, just don’t send me an entry with an Uncle Sam hat on the end of a bat next time.Hometown-DannyVanDerKlok-C-01

Bryce! Gorgeous! Drop dead gorgeous! I love how you rendered this logo. One-n-done!Hometown-BryceOlsen-01

LaLoSodA! This is a redo. Done!Hometown-Lalosoda-B-01

Blake! Yes! Why haven’t we seen a Narwhal on a hat before? The f***ing unicorn of the sea! Add to that the seersucker crown and you’ve got me doubly excited. Amazing stuff. One-n-done!Hometown-BlakeMorgan-01

Seamonger Saguero Never Babes

Tony! You’ve got two takes on the same concept so I’m going to comment on both in one shot. I really like both, for different reasons. I like the retro vibe of the top one and the badassery of the bottom. I think both have a lot of charm to them. I’m going to pick on though, top! Reminds me of a Northwestern Swinging Friar. Awesome work, double one-n-done!Sea_MongersSeaMongers

Jordan! Whoa, I just did a concept like this for a project. You’re tripin’ me out. You got cameras hidden in my office? Since great minds think alike, one-n-done!PhoenixSagueros

Jeremy! I like the concept and the Met’s logo reference. 3 things- Ditch the blue sparks coming off the top – Make the 2 blues you’re working with more contrasty and give me a capital “N” instead of a “n”. As a design element I like the “n” but it doesn’t read in this complicated situation. You’re demanding too much of your “n”s Jeremy! Cut it out! Great stuff.Hometown-JeremyRodriguez-B-01

Jay! Very cool character! I like how you’ve chosen to render this guy. I like your use of black and shadow. I LOVE how you rendered the cigar. Gorgeous. One-n-done!Hometown-JaySmith-01

Szabolcs! GOATFACE KILLER! So fun. Done just for that name alone! That made my day, thank you.Hometown-SzabolcsToth-B-01

Bay Boot Mule Thrill Mud Cherries

Jesse! Helping us finish off a a great week on entries. I really like how different this design is. It’s difficult to place it’s age which I always consider to be a hallmark of a good design. I love the colors, I love the imagery. I think this would look great as a leather strapback. One-n-done!Hometown-JesseFeltner-01

Connor! Sweet! Very cinematic, don’t you guys agree? Like a scene out of Nolan’s Batman trilogy. Moody, well executed, cool story. Solid as Sears! One-n-done!Hometown-ConnorBrandt-01

Kevin! Yes, and old Clink vet. Design father of the patron saint of the Clink Room, Clink Kong! I really love this character. Fun, energetic, with a cool silhouette. Love his eye. It’s like he just got hit with a switch. One-n-done!Hometown-KevinWertherB-01

Kevin! This! Yes, only a fool goes over the edge of Niagara Falls in a barrel, but what about the poor innocent barrel? Does he have a choice of going over the edge and smashing to his death? NO! I love the tilted shield, love his expression. Amazing. One-n-done!Hometown-KevinWertherA-01

Ross! Awesome! I love me a good parody! Love the colorway, love the rendering style. I might add a splotch or two dabbed here and there but this is good enough for me as is. One-n-done!Hometown-RossShafer-01

Mason! This is a redo of his original Cherry Bombers concept and I really love the tenacity. What a great name and now you have a great character to go along with it. Done!Hometown-MasonSultana-1-01

Mason! For all of you who don’t have Wikipedia, a wickie is the guy who tend to a lighthouse. You know, the wick guy. Another great character, love the historically accurate scissors, love the eye-less glasses, love the hat. One-n-done!Hometown-MasonSultana-01

Kick this weekend’s ass Clinkers!

And We’re Back

Thanks for letting us take a small break. Martin! This guy is a badass! Love the battle ready bat. love how you built the composition. One-n-done!Hometown-MartinLopez-01

Joe! This is how you simplify a logo. This is a redo worthy of posting. Epic! Done!Hometown-Joe

Matt! Smokin’ Lady Liberty! Awesome! I’m wondering if she might benefit from a little robe and arm addition. I could see the robe being used to elegantly end the bottom of the logo so we’re not showing the whole enchilada. You feel me? Do it!Hometown-MattWillcox

Chad! You’ve got 3 entries, all worthy of posting but I’m going to comment on them in one shot. Cool? The reason why that’s an easy thing to do is because they are all amazing! Deserving of our very first three-n-done!Hometown-ChadStilson-01Hometown-ChadStilson-B-01Hometown-ChadStilson-C-01

Thomas!This is a great great concept. All the storytelling elements are great and hilarious. The only thing that I would tweak is his facial expression. I want him pissed. Like really pissed. Like no other bookish prep school lad has ever been pissed. Diploma bat!HometownThomasWinstanley-01

Magma Steam Star Savages

Adam! Wow! I love this guy. I love how you chose to render him, no outline, just black. Dope! I think you can take this guy to the next level with a different composition. I’m thinking more symmetry and could you compose him in such a way that he sort of forms a shield shape? Man, epic start. So great!Hometown-AdamCrocker-01

Adam! So cool!!! Love me some Northwest Native American style, this is almost more Maori. Really cool. One-n-done!Hometown-AdamCrocker-2-01

Cody! Another dope rendering. You got the lean right, you got the speed right. I think this is great. One-n-done!Hometown-CodyHarris-01

Jordan! Clean! I want cleaner though. Just one color red, no outline. Then done. Great stuff!Hometown-JordanAschwege

Brad! This guys knows how to draw his characters. Love his expression and his composition. 2 suggestions to perfect this guy. Ditch the hat, and make his eye looking at us. Other than that, perfect!Hometown-BradRayson-01

Thomas! Cute in a badass way. I love that he’s done in a Japanese cute character style but the imagery is very American. That bat is so heavy! One-n-done!Hometown-ThomasWinstanley