Magma Steam Star Savages

Adam! Wow! I love this guy. I love how you chose to render him, no outline, just black. Dope! I think you can take this guy to the next level with a different composition. I’m thinking more symmetry and could you compose him in such a way that he sort of forms a shield shape? Man, epic start. So great!Hometown-AdamCrocker-01

Adam! So cool!!! Love me some Northwest Native American style, this is almost more Maori. Really cool. One-n-done!Hometown-AdamCrocker-2-01

Cody! Another dope rendering. You got the lean right, you got the speed right. I think this is great. One-n-done!Hometown-CodyHarris-01

Jordan! Clean! I want cleaner though. Just one color red, no outline. Then done. Great stuff!Hometown-JordanAschwege

Brad! This guys knows how to draw his characters. Love his expression and his composition. 2 suggestions to perfect this guy. Ditch the hat, and make his eye looking at us. Other than that, perfect!Hometown-BradRayson-01

Thomas! Cute in a badass way. I love that he’s done in a Japanese cute character style but the imagery is very American. That bat is so heavy! One-n-done!Hometown-ThomasWinstanley


11 thoughts on “Magma Steam Star Savages

  1. I know some people were asking for stories and mine isn’t particularly clear from the entry form alone, but basically Manchester, UK was known for its mills during the Industrial Revolution, so much so that at one point 30% of the world’s cotton fiber passed through its mills, earning it the nickname ‘Cottonopolis’. Cheers guys.

  2. Lovely, mine are up. On the first one Casey, a shield shape, any particular shield shape? I know what you mean by symmetry though, I was rushing to get it sent it, but did want to have another go with it more symmetrical.

    Re my 2nd entry, yep definately Maori design, as its based in New Zealand.

  3. I really should have done wordmarks for both my entries, they do look ordinary next to everyones..

    Oh and the Savages entry is sick.. Hard for my whale to compete with that whale..

  4. Adam (Magma Men): Great character and great use of the magma as the negative space! I can see how a shield shape could be used, if I can accurately describe it. If you used only a single arm, positioned as if in mid-curl, the elbow would be the bottom point of the shield, kind of like so: . Some stylizing would need done to position the arms and the head centered above, and the dumbbell would be replaced with a flaming fist, but maybe its helpful. Or, if you are going for symmetry, reference this: . With that positioning, the hands-holding-flames would replace Wonder Woman’s clenched fists.

    Adam (Whales): Really nice. The Maori-inspired stylings give it enough specificity (to a country, if not a city), that a straight rendering of an Orca would lack.

    Cody: Solid work! The backstory really gives the logo a lot more resonance.

    Jordan: Not much to say, as I could easily see that type of classic, iconic logo used for a professional team. Excellent!

    Brad: If i could add one suggestion to a killer whale logo, it would be to render the red bat the same as the orca’s body. The color choices, especially the hard black shadow line seem a little off compared to the more realistic shading style of the whale. Minor criticism, though. Very well done!

    Thomas: That’s wonderful! This could be a great companion to the Super7 Vampire rose! I love that your idea and rendering is so different from almost all the other entries so far!

  5. Solid round for sure, Adam’s Whale is interesting in that I’m curious as to how it would be produced on a final cap… I would love that if each color could stand on its own w/out a backdrop “base” of sorts.

    Also digging the Millers concept, simply because it’s a style/look that is very different from what I see on this site typically (cute anime wouldn’t come to my mind to concept, that’s for sure)

  6. Adam – Nice entries! that Magma Man is like a cross between The Thing and The Human Torch, nice work. But I think with both your entries simplicity is the key, there are a lot of elements and a stack of individual stitching required there! Looking forward to seeing if your re-do is post worthy or if we’ll just see it in the ballot.

    Cody – Love that train, so Thunder Mountain! I’d love to see the steam cloud used for something, like letters or something like that. Other than that great entry!

    Jordan – Clean and classic! I’d reverse the colourway, but that’s just me. Nice work!

    Brad – Man your character design is solid! I’m not a huge fan of his hat, but that’s a minor gripe. I like the colourway though! Great work!

    Thomas – How cute! That’s really all I got. Great entry!

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