And We’re Back

Thanks for letting us take a small break. Martin! This guy is a badass! Love the battle ready bat. love how you built the composition. One-n-done!Hometown-MartinLopez-01

Joe! This is how you simplify a logo. This is a redo worthy of posting. Epic! Done!Hometown-Joe

Matt! Smokin’ Lady Liberty! Awesome! I’m wondering if she might benefit from a little robe and arm addition. I could see the robe being used to elegantly end the bottom of the logo so we’re not showing the whole enchilada. You feel me? Do it!Hometown-MattWillcox

Chad! You’ve got 3 entries, all worthy of posting but I’m going to comment on them in one shot. Cool? The reason why that’s an easy thing to do is because they are all amazing! Deserving of our very first three-n-done!Hometown-ChadStilson-01Hometown-ChadStilson-B-01Hometown-ChadStilson-C-01

Thomas!This is a great great concept. All the storytelling elements are great and hilarious. The only thing that I would tweak is his facial expression. I want him pissed. Like really pissed. Like no other bookish prep school lad has ever been pissed. Diploma bat!HometownThomasWinstanley-01


19 thoughts on “And We’re Back

  1. Jesus, Chad! Go easy on the rest of us, ok? You’re not going to make many friends by kicking ass this much! :) Great work!

  2. Joe – I would love to see how this would look on a cap, perfect redo!

    Matt – Excellent render (bow chica wow wow!), if you’re going to make an edit I would say it comes down to the floating hand… Maybe rotate the view a bit so the hand is peaking out from behind the head? Love the start, though.

    Chad – As always, great work! The bober logo is my favorite, and the full-view Bluegill would make for a killer shirt to go w/ a produced hat. Seriously, amazing work!

    Thomas – Love the concept, the diploma-bat is in-particular inspired. I would add to Casey’s critique by suggesting to tone-down on the number of colors… 8 is a bit too much, you can drop the light silver & caramel brown and still get the same effect by using other colors in your existing palate (maybe even replace the reds w/ purple?)… Also, personal opinion, drop the purple outline, 3 outlines is too much, especially for a ball cap… Can’t wait to see the updates, your concept is great!

  3. Thomas, ditch the kid and focus on the bat/diploma and graduation cap! Then you can simplify colors and outlines per the other suggestions above. Great concept!

  4. I really like the bluegills and I think the full body one is my favorite. My only suggestion would be to give him a fin instead of feet. For some reason I dont like it when logos look like theyre standing on air. It looks too flat on the bottom.

  5. Martin – Great pose! Something about that swoop shape doesn’t sit well with me, but other than that this is a great idea and a great entry!

    Joe – Much better! Congrats on getting the first of the re-do posts too!

    Matt – Great work, as expected from you! I think the addition of some robe to her arm may help tie the logo together. Also my idea of a chilli dog in her hand instead of the torch still stands! 😉
    That said, great work!

    Chad – Saw this on Instagram a while back, wow! 3-for-3. Great work!

    Thomas – Great Concept! As per Casey’s suggestion, the face needs some work. Other than that, great start! Very Harry Potter-esque!

  6. @ Aussie Ry – I was attempting to tie in the swinging motion on the hat. When I was sketching the drawings did not seem to have the right feel and it felt too still.

    Thx for being the only one who ever comments on my submissions. It helps when I go back and personally update them. I can’t get any love on the clink room. So it’s much appreciated.

  7. Martin: I agree with Aussie Ry; there’s something a little off with the bat (sword, club, whatever the real name of his weapon is), I think there’s something wonky happening with the perspective. The bat appears to be leaning back, titled toward the head, but if the figure was three dimensional, there wouldn’t be enough space there without it hitting the head. If you change the perspective of the bat slightly to be more perpendicular and parallel to his chest, you’ll have something really great. It’s an interesting departure to have the swoop back into batting position rather than a swoop of a swing toward the pitch.

    Joe: Killer edit! THat’s the way to take a concept, re-think it, and create a great solution. Nicely done!

    Chad: Excellent series of marks! I think my favorite is the bobber, but there are all really wonderful.

    Thomas: There’s something really charming and quirky about this. He does look only slightly peeved at present… give him some anger!

  8. Matt: sorry! I seem to have skipped yours. The hand and torch didn’t bother me until others pointed out that it seems to be floating disconnectedly. Now I notice it. Your rendering is spot-on, and you have a great style!

  9. Gotcha Nathan. But I did a lot of research on various stances, that was as close as I could come to it without rendering a real picture. I thought about using a forward swinging motion, but I opted against that and used the swoop to help tie the design together. I am not gonna resubmit this design it was mainly for fun and I sketched it and vectored it within a day. For the hell of it I submitted 3 to show off my chops. Thx for the feedback tho’

  10. Martin – No worries man, glad to provide positive feedback when I can. It’s really helped me in the past to keep at it, so hope it does the same for you. Don’t be discouraged if people don’t comment on your entries, remember there are a lot of professionals here too as well as us rookies 😉

    I get what Nathan is saying about the position of the bat, if it’s tilted upright and clear from the head it will help clean things up. This will also give you room to show off those awesome feathers from that helmet. The grey swoop shape (even without an outline) could come from the top of the bat, starting thick and ending thin, which would also give more motion to the design. Just some things to think about if you decide to play around with this one again.

  11. One of Chad’s Bluegills entries – to my mind, either # 1 or #2 – should be Instant Draft. Hands down!!! In fact, they’re the very definition of “Instant Draft”.

    Personally, I’d love to see #2 as a cap, with #1 featured on the front of an accompanying t-shirt (with a wordmark added to the overall design). That would be a dynamite Clink Room Gift Pack!!!

    Barring that, I’d take #1 as a cap, followed by #2 as a cap.

    Hey! As long as we’re living in fantasy land, just produce caps #1, #2, AND #3, while also producing a t-shirt that features logo #1 on the front, logo #2 on the left sleeve, and a small logo #3 on the back of the shirt just beneath the collar.

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