Bay Boot Mule Thrill Mud Cherries

Jesse! Helping us finish off a a great week on entries. I really like how different this design is. It’s difficult to place it’s age which I always consider to be a hallmark of a good design. I love the colors, I love the imagery. I think this would look great as a leather strapback. One-n-done!Hometown-JesseFeltner-01

Connor! Sweet! Very cinematic, don’t you guys agree? Like a scene out of Nolan’s Batman trilogy. Moody, well executed, cool story. Solid as Sears! One-n-done!Hometown-ConnorBrandt-01

Kevin! Yes, and old Clink vet. Design father of the patron saint of the Clink Room, Clink Kong! I really love this character. Fun, energetic, with a cool silhouette. Love his eye. It’s like he just got hit with a switch. One-n-done!Hometown-KevinWertherB-01

Kevin! This! Yes, only a fool goes over the edge of Niagara Falls in a barrel, but what about the poor innocent barrel? Does he have a choice of going over the edge and smashing to his death? NO! I love the tilted shield, love his expression. Amazing. One-n-done!Hometown-KevinWertherA-01

Ross! Awesome! I love me a good parody! Love the colorway, love the rendering style. I might add a splotch or two dabbed here and there but this is good enough for me as is. One-n-done!Hometown-RossShafer-01

Mason! This is a redo of his original Cherry Bombers concept and I really love the tenacity. What a great name and now you have a great character to go along with it. Done!Hometown-MasonSultana-1-01

Mason! For all of you who don’t have Wikipedia, a wickie is the guy who tend to a lighthouse. You know, the wick guy. Another great character, love the historically accurate scissors, love the eye-less glasses, love the hat. One-n-done!Hometown-MasonSultana-01

Kick this weekend’s ass Clinkers!


16 thoughts on “Bay Boot Mule Thrill Mud Cherries

  1. Wow, I think these might be my first two ever “one-n-done’s”. And, what a bunch of great designs today. This has been probably Clink’s strongest competition. Just to provide some context on my mule: the Erie Canal goes through my home city, and mules were used at one time to pull the barges down the canal. They mules walked on the towpath, which now serves as a bike/walking path along the canal. I chose the color purple because lilacs are a big deal here. We have a Lilac Festival every May.

    Love the Cherry Bombs redo. I can taste chocolate/cherry just by looking at it.

    SF Baydogs is awesome too. One of my favorites so far. Reminds me so much of the Minnesota Wild (which is one of my favorite logos out there).

  2. @Jesse
    Nice execution, like Kevin mentioned my first thought when I saw your logo was to think of the Minnesota Wild… I’m hoping that was implied, correct?

    I’m officially obsessed w/ the Thrillseeker concept, my new favorite of the competition so-far.

  3. Kevin – I actually like your Thrillseekers entry over the Mules, which i feel just needs that something extra. Did you recently watch Shrek? That said, loving the barrel’s expression! Nice work all round!

    Jesse – Really intriguing concept! I really dig that internal scenic image and the seal outline. My only suggestion would be to go all one colour on this. Great work!

    Connor – Tarantino eat your heart out! Great work!

    Ross – A few more random mud splashes and this thing will be amazing! Certainly a favourite of mine!

    Mason – Now that’s how you re-do! Great character, great colourway and nice touch of the cherry stem in his mouth. I don’t mind your other entry, but it’s hard to compete with such a great re-do!

  4. Jesse- I love the bay dogs. The wild logo is one of the most complicated and cool logos in sports. I live in minnesota and I’m a wild fan but that’s not the point. I think you should make it all gold though to give It the full golden gate look.

    Connor- I like it I’ve been to Sioux city before. It’s a pretty cool town you might have to get rid of the gun though.

    Kevin- both of these logos are great I don’t know what I could suggest.

    Ross- more mudd less globed is my opinion maybe make the parts of the sock around the mud brown like it was stained.

    Mason- great redo on the cherry bombers even though I still liked your cherry better. The wickies is awsome like an old cartoon charecter.

  5. The Niagara Falls Thrillseekers is absolutely, positively PHENOMENAL!!! I MUST have this hat!!!

    (Though, if I had one quibble, it would be with the color of the hat. The gray seems a tad bland. At least give me dark blue squatchee, eyelets, and visor.)

  6. Jesse: That’s clever. I’d almost like to see it without the tan keyline, but I love the colors as they relate to the palette of northern California.

    Connor: Great job in capturing the a lot of drama in using a close colorway. I don;t have a problem with the gun, but having it and a bottle of liquor speak more “gangster” to me instead of “bootlegger.” Great reference, though. I had no idea about the Prohibition-era aspect to the city!

    Kevin (Mules): Fantastic expression! I used to live along the Ohio & Erie Canal in Ohio, and the mule-pulled canal boat is still a summer tourist attraction. The name has the ring of authoenticity, but the rendering is completely unexpected. Excellent work!

    Kevin (Thrillseekers): Just about perfect. Another great expression, and the titled shield is just right. Two for two!

    Ross: If I could make two suggestions, it would be to echo the others and add a few stray spots of mud, but also perhaps shape the sock so that it doesn’t look like there’s a foot inside it. But those are only minor issues.

    Mason (Cherry Bombers): Congratulations on not giving up on an idea, but returning to it, re-thinking it, and making it better than before!

    Mason (Wickies): There seems to be a lot of great characters in today’s entries and this is no exception. Maybe a little too vertical? What if instead of the arm bending up at the elbow it beat directly to the right, making the shape of an “L?” Nice work, regardless!

  7. Kai- I know I just think it should be one color and I think the gold will look cooler than than the rusty orange. I love the logo don’t get me wrong i just think it would look better in one color and it would give a little bit more of a golden state feel. I ment to say golden state instead of golden gate.

  8. Thank you very much guys, I greatly appreciate the compliments.
    It has already been said, but the Bay Dogs reminds me of the Wild as well, and thats perfectly fine because they have the best, hidden imagery, creative logo in all of sports. So kudos Jesse. And the THrillseekers is great! The mascot is such a wacky one that has so much character and personality. It’s great when someone can take an ordinary object and personify it like that. Well Done!

  9. Kevin – Yeah I guess it’s a bit hard to make a cartoon donkey not look like the Shrek one. A Mule pulling a plough could’ve been another way to tackle this concept? Congrats on the one-n-done(s).

  10. Thanks on all the compliments, guys! And, as said earlier, this competition really has had a bunch of amazing concepts.

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