Seamonger Saguero Never Babes

Tony! You’ve got two takes on the same concept so I’m going to comment on both in one shot. I really like both, for different reasons. I like the retro vibe of the top one and the badassery of the bottom. I think both have a lot of charm to them. I’m going to pick on though, top! Reminds me of a Northwestern Swinging Friar. Awesome work, double one-n-done!Sea_MongersSeaMongers

Jordan! Whoa, I just did a concept like this for a project. You’re tripin’ me out. You got cameras hidden in my office? Since great minds think alike, one-n-done!PhoenixSagueros

Jeremy! I like the concept and the Met’s logo reference. 3 things- Ditch the blue sparks coming off the top – Make the 2 blues you’re working with more contrasty and give me a capital “N” instead of a “n”. As a design element I like the “n” but it doesn’t read in this complicated situation. You’re demanding too much of your “n”s Jeremy! Cut it out! Great stuff.Hometown-JeremyRodriguez-B-01

Jay! Very cool character! I like how you’ve chosen to render this guy. I like your use of black and shadow. I LOVE how you rendered the cigar. Gorgeous. One-n-done!Hometown-JaySmith-01

Szabolcs! GOATFACE KILLER! So fun. Done just for that name alone! That made my day, thank you.Hometown-SzabolcsToth-B-01


13 thoughts on “Seamonger Saguero Never Babes

  1. Jeremy – i like this concept, but i agree with casey, it needs more contract! these colors don’t look like “night time” or “nocturnal” to me…
    Think neon! (just my suggestion)

  2. At first, just looking at the logo, i thought the top Seamongers was a gnome with half of his face/hat chopped off…. Took me a minute to see he was catching a fish.

    The Sagueros is really nice, and I think the Neversleeps has a lot of potential. Has a “The City” Golden State Warriors feel to it right now.

  3. Hey, look at that! My first One’N’Done! Thanks! And no, no spy equipment was involved (…not anymore. 😛 )

    Seamongers 1/2 – I’m REALLY diggin’ the subtle S in that mark. The retro look is so strong there. Nice!
    Seamongers 2/2 – The blue/orange colorway is such a timeless pairing. Great look!

    Neversleeps – I like the lightbulb, but I think you could do better. Since its the Neversleeps, the light could be on, and the city could be a darker gold color to offset the lighter, brighter yellow. Or maybe you could borrow from the terrific bobber mark a couple entries back and make a glowing lightbulb with laces? To be honest, I didn’t even read the filament as an ‘N’ on the first glance. If you simplify it and go with a capital, blockletter N (instead of lowercase script), it might read better for you. Good start, can’t wait to see where you go with this!

    Babes – Awesome. I normally don’t like the “absent outline” look, but this mark is just too cool. It just works!
    Killers – I think the idea is better than the execution here. The stark lighting makes for a really dynamic look. Overall, I think your lines could be smoother/bolder – there’s a couple spots with a sharp angle points. My favorite part of this mark is the tuft of fur on the snout. Maybe give the goat more of a snarl – really bring out that Killer aspect, y’know?

    Just my thoughts!

  4. Thanks for the feedback, guys! As far as the colors, I was going more municipal (blue and orange from the NYC flag), but for the sake of the concept, I think that could be left out. I’ll adjust the lettering and try a re-color; give it a more late-night feel.

    Thanks again!

  5. Tony (Seamongers 1): There’s a lot to like in what is in reality a very simple rendering. Agreed with Jordan: that subtle S is really nice. I think my only suggestions would be to address the arms and hands. Is he meant to be bare-armed? Maybe add cuffs (or rolled sleeves? And is the a baseball glove on the right hand? If it is, I’d make it more obvious. Add stitching or webbing in the pocket or something.

    Tony (Seamongers 2): There’s nothing wrong with your second option, but he seems a little too on-the-nose. I do like the batting stance, the salmon as bat, and the orange of the orange, though. It’s also commendable to see two very different approaches to the same idea!

    Jordan: That’s a sweet cactus! I think my favorite detail is that the orange keyline around the needles are thinner than the keyline around the rest. It makes them look that much sharper. Really nice highlighting to show the ridges of the cactus without going into too much detail, too.

    Jeremy: Jordan hit on what was bothering my. I knew that the filament was meant to be something, but I wasn’t sure what. At first glance I thought perhaps a section of city skyline? Now I see it’s an “NY.” I agree it’s too forced. To piggyback on Jordan’s suggestion, what if the “N” was stacked on top of the “Y” to make the filament? It’s a great idea, though!

    Jay: great rendering! Especially nice that there is a distinct artistic style at play in the way the shadows play with the shapes of colors. Kudos on the old-time short-brimmed cap too!

    Szabolcs: I feel like there’s one thing missing that would take this from a solid (albeit creepy) goat, to something excellent. Maybe it’s the storytelling details that make this a specific goat and not any old one. Or maybe it’s reminiscent of a past winner that referenced the Cubs’ curse?

  6. Tony – Ahhh the Seamongers – I’m liking both these concepts, but I feel the subtle “S’ on the top one can be made stronger by making that Tuna (or whatever fish it may be) bigger and closer to his head. But that all depends on whether he is throwing or catching it?… I’d ditch the glove and just go with a hand, at the moment it just looks like he has one giant hand. Also, I feel that the bill on his hat should be a solid colour too. This could be an epic design if cleaned up and proportioned a bit better. I started off liking your 2nd version better but the more I look at the 1st I feel it’s way more clever! Great work!

    Jordan – Clean and a nice colourway too, done. enough said. Nice job!

    Jeremy – Excellent concept! I think if you pull all the other Clinkers suggestion into your head and then let it explode onto the screen you will have what you originally set out to create! Nice start!

    Jay – That’s one mean pig! Quite a few pig entries this comp though, so it will be interesting to see if any other pigs can compete with yours (from memory we’re yet to see a re-do from C) and that Bluegrass Pig entry was beautiful! I’m just worried there is a little too much black going on in this, especially on the left mouth area. That said, nice looking Pig!

    Szabolcs – I have the image in my head of Casey throwin’ up a “W” when he saw this one come across his desk! I’m not 100% sold on this one. Congrats on the done though, but if you want to tinker with this I’ve always thought a goat head in a hockey mask (or catchers mask) would be a tough logo!

  7. Bryce – Yeah my entries (apart from my first, which was the first of the comp) took around 4 weeks before they were posted. So I’m sure yours will be posted soon enough.

  8. Wow! Somehow missed this post… thanks for the suggestions guys! I did in fact have an updated version of the 1st seamongers design but they tagged it as one n done.

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