Sea-Quetz Mountaineer Trunk Feos

Danny! My son would love this guy. I love this guy. The only thing I want you to do is get that banana away from his face. In fact ditch the banana. Other than that, this guys is amazing! Great stuff!Hometown-DannyVanDerKlok-B-01

Danny! This. Look at that head! Look at those wings! A little bit of genius in this design. Amazing. One-n-done!Hometown-DannyVanDerKlok-A-01

Danny! An elephant holding a baseball bat is sticky territory. Not sure how the A’s would like this on a hat that they weren’t’ being paid for. It’s a cool design so that’s to bad. Good stuff, just don’t send me an entry with an Uncle Sam hat on the end of a bat next time.Hometown-DannyVanDerKlok-C-01

Bryce! Gorgeous! Drop dead gorgeous! I love how you rendered this logo. One-n-done!Hometown-BryceOlsen-01

LaLoSodA! This is a redo. Done!Hometown-Lalosoda-B-01

Blake! Yes! Why haven’t we seen a Narwhal on a hat before? The f***ing unicorn of the sea! Add to that the seersucker crown and you’ve got me doubly excited. Amazing stuff. One-n-done!Hometown-BlakeMorgan-01


7 thoughts on “Sea-Quetz Mountaineer Trunk Feos

  1. Danny (SeaMonkeys): This reminds me of a old-timey character logo. Like the Cleveland Brownie, or a vintage Chicago Cub. The banana is wierd though, as it’s size makes it look like an extension of his hand. Kind of like he’s giving the thumbs up or putting the index finger on his chin in thought. Lose it and you’re golden!

    Danny (Quetzalcoatls): Just about perfect. Imagine this with an Aztec-theme patterned underbrim. Great work!

    Danny (Trunks): If the Athletics didn’t have that niche filled, your elephant would be a worthy entry.

    Bryce: Excellent job on distilling all the details that could be associated with a Mountaineer down to just the basics. The orange-gold is a really nice touch.

    Lalo: Great edit! I love how the bat is impaled through his head!

    Blake: Couldn’t you see this hand-embroidered on the chest of a 1900’a era team uniform? Great classic baseball, folksy charm! I love this.

  2. Oh, what I wouldn’t give for a Narwhals cap!!! I’m not entirely sold on the seersucker crown, but I could live with it. LOVE that wordmark, as well!!!

  3. Danny – Whoa 3 in a row! I’ve seen these on instagram for a while and wondered when they’d be posted and here they are! First up, Seamonkeys – that is certainly never what I imagined a Seamonkey to look like, but hey it works. I’d ditch the banana, it doesn’t need it. Nice work.
    Quetzalcoatls – This is my fav of the 3, I know it’s supposed to be a “Q” shape, but I don’t feel it works that well. I’d ditch the “Q” and just curl that snake body all around the place.
    Trunks – Great name! But yeah the A’s got you beat, so it’s hard to pull off an Elephant design these days. That said really great work on all 3!

    Bryce – There it is! 😉 And what a beauty! so clean. My only suggestion would be to render the handles differently, to give them some individuality. I know it’s so much easier to just copy and flip, but sometimes that extra work/detail goes a long way. Great entry!

    LaLo – Great Re-do! Love the bat through the head. My only suggestion would be to put the lower part of the bat (handle) in front of his bottom teeth for better perspective (like it’s going in through his mouth). Regardless, great work!

    Blake – I’m sure a lot of us Clinkers have had Narwhal concept ideas, but have never actually sat down and done one, myself included! So congrats to you on making it a reality and what a beauty it is! I love the simplicity of your design and the ball on the end MAKES it! This on navy with an outline of some sort may make a great secondary colourway, but the seersucker is growing on me. Great work!

    Man, this league has had so many great entries, I’m worried that there’s going to be nothing left to tackle in the next league!
    Any idea how far off this is from wrapping up?

  4. Seamonkeys – This, to me, strikes me as a mark for a team’s kids club. Not to slight it in anyway, the work is fantastic. But I agree with the other clinkers – the banana is unneeded.
    Quetzacoatls – Fan. Tas. Ic. I’m with Ry, though. The Q might look better if there’s a “bowl” in the Q (That’s the open area in the middle). But as is, the silhouette of this is really strong. Nicely done!
    Trunks – Personally, there are minor things I would change in this render. But if you’re still wanting to go Elephant themed, I could see some really cool things happening by “elephantizing” an entwined CT, or just a T, even. Great work on the Three!
    Mountaineers – Holy detail! This is great stuff!
    Feos – Great redo! The green REALLY pops on this one.
    Narwhals – I’m loving the speared ball. Great silhouette, really strong work here! I think it’s only a matter of time until we actually see a team with this name – and when that day comes, you email them first with this logo! :)

    This ballot is gonna be a tough one to vote on!

    But Ryan – there’s always ideas out there! I could honestly see a simple dogs/cats/birds league doing well here!

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