We Designed Pete Rose’s Tattoo

We just got this from spectacular surprise from Clinker Clint Goulden. Yep, we designed Pete Rose’s new tattoo! You know, no big whoop. This made Jason and myself so happy. Thanks Clint! And thank Mr. Rose! You deserve to be in the Hall of Fame!



12 thoughts on “We Designed Pete Rose’s Tattoo

  1. That’s so great on so many levels. It’s Pete Rose for crying out loud!. And yes he does belong in the hall. What an iconic logo. And the tattoo is well done–the drop shadow sets it off. Cheers to you fellas.

  2. seeing as i’m one of the only clinkers from the same neighborhood, let alone city as the hit king, let me be the first to say – put a shirt on! great logo, best tattoo i’ve even seen, but for goodness sake, put your shirt on pete!

  3. This is amazing! Congratulations! Pete Rose was one of the most gritty players ever and is the embodiment of the Reds and still belongs in the hall.

  4. Look how proud and happy Mr. Red Legs himself looks to be showing off his ink!! If there was any brushback on the Clinkified version of the Reds logo I haven’t heard it (see Reds Spring Ball cap). But most importantly The Hit King is clearly a fan. I’m guessing he has no other tattoos either, which speaks volumes.. Craziness

  5. That logo has been around since ’07. The original, un-Clinkified (a.k.a. un-awesome) logo on which it is based has been around since the ’50s. Please, Mr. Foster, take your snarky comments elsewhere.

  6. Scotty,
    Stop drinking the kool-aid.This logo has been around longer then these two clink idiots ages combined.You probably wrapped that goofy limo bus these fools shove down the minor league lackys at the trade expo.wake me up when they design anything that ateam will still be wearing in 10 years!

    George Foster Reds HR king!

  7. I’m curious as to why you’re commenting on the website of designers you so despise. But outside of that, I’d like to introduce you to the Lehigh Iron Pigs and the Lakeland Flying Tigers, two of the best-designed minor league teams in the nation. Jason and Casey are two fantastic young designers with an incredible passion for what they do. If you don’t like it, the URL bar is open for the typing.

  8. Well Mr Foster, I work for the Clearwater Threshers and our logo was designed by Casey and Jason back in 2003 and this will be our 10th season with a classic logo. Not sure what your problem is but you are definitely wrong on this one.

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