Reds BP Hat – Available Now!

RedsBP-hat-01Yo! We’re stocking the Cincinnati Reds new BP featuring the Mr. Red Legs we designed. Below you’ll see the final artwork we designed as well as the sketch we used to create it. We were so pumped that they’re using on their new BP hat and we’re equally excited that we can offer it to Clinkers in our store on Grab yours here.RedsBP-Final-01-01Kick this weekend’s ass Clinkers!

Ace Side Scraper G Martians

Hey all you redo submitters, I’m going to hold off on your redo entries unless they are drastically different and I mean, drastically. I’ll be sure to add them to the ballot and, more importantly, we’ll see them so don’t worry. Thanks, it’s going to help us get through these entries much quicker.

Jon! Don’t tell the Reno Aces your team name. But lets pretend that part of the entry will be changed. I really like this “A” I especially like how you shaded the “A” crossbar. A very nice decision. Clean, professional, and patriotic…one-n-done!Hometown-JonRohlf-01

Drew! Really like this one. Clean and simple with a nice composition. One-n-done!Hometown-DrewRamos-01

David! Really, really, really like this. I have a few elements that I’d clean up but for the sake of the contest one-n-done!Hometown-DavidHerrera-01

Peter! This guys is great. Great colors as well. One thing to think about when doing a retro character logo is the feet and the bottom of the logo. Even if you want them standing, it helps to put their feet at an angle or even better get them on one foot or running with both feet off the ground. It helps to make the shape of the design more interesting. You feel me? Great start!Hometown-PeterLenart-A-01

Mike! I always think that a Sleepy Hollow themed hat would be great. It seems like you don’t know Illustrator that well but you had a strong idea and you found a way to bring it to life. That goes so far with us. I really like your horse a lot. I think it’s great. One trick that Jason and I try to use is to not show all our cards with one logo. So instead of showing the entire headless horseman, can you just show parts on him that tell the same story but leave some mystery. It’s a great way to keep a logo simple. Lets see a revision!Hometown-MikeShaw

Chuck! It took me a few looks to get the Walmart part of Walmartians. I’m guessing there are a lot of Walmarts in your town, funny. Shouldn’t he be riding on a Rascal? It’s a really strong drawing, I love his mouth and his expression, it seems effortless in the way you want drawing to be. Well done. I like it…one-n-done!Hometown-ChuckRoberson-01

Jake! This is a big redo! I really like the “H” and I think the colors are great. Great stuff, done!Hometown-JakeKesslerB-01

Squab Icari Hodag Desperado Visitors

Danny! This is awesome! Great character, lots of great touches and Amsterdam Easter Eggs. But hands down the best touch is the fry hanging out of his mouth. So great. I’d like to see this guys simplified. Maybe ditch the baseball diamond shape, the ball and frame him with another bat maybe? Maybe just a feather pattern edging for his right shoulder? He looks like a pigeon which is great. But that fry! Great stuff!Hometown-DannyVanDerKlok-B-01

Danny! I’d love to see this all done in 1 color in silhouette. It would really make it iconic. Love it! Great stuff.Hometown-DannyVanDerKlok-01

Ryan! Whoa! Scary. I love that you can’t tell what body part it is. Is it a crazy claw with 4 thumbs? Is it a disembodied mouth or the mandible mouth from Predator? Awesome! One-n-done!Hometown-RyanMuraro-01

Marcus! Very cool, very scary but in different way than Ryan’s entry. I think it’s great but, I’d ditch stars and the guns and stick with the dude. I really like his bandana and could see that pattern done on the visor fabric. Very cool stuff! Lets see it cleaned up!Hometown-MarcusBinion-01

Slavo! This is great way to do an alien themed hat. I really like the hand a lot and the markings is a great idea. I’m wondering if you could combine the markings and the hand more closely. Like maybe they’re tattooed on his hand or carved into his hand kind of like a Guillermo Del Toro character? But seriously that hand is awesome! Great start!Hometown-SlavoKiss-01

Scott! Love the simplicity of this but it should be a saw blade and not a gear, right? Also, the style doesn’t fit the story as well as it could. What about giving it an retro-trademark vibe? Or a burned into leather vibe? Great start!Hometown-ScottNeuberger-01

Mr. Z! The gambling riverboat man is such a rich area to draw imagery from and I live the rat character you created, I think it has a lot of charm and elegance to it just like a rat in a suit would. I’m wondering if you could reposition him so he’s coming at us, or at least looking at us. I’d also like to see a playing card tucked into his hat band or some other storytelling element that would help kick this story off. Great start!Hometown-JarrodZeiser-01

Jordan! Way to keep it simple. I feel like the entries in this competition have been too complex. I think you’re close but I’d like to see some other ship marking on this “A”. Maybe some blue or red striping, maybe a porthole or 2. Great start, now think more iconic, more story!NebrAdmiral_Aschwege 2

Yeti Burn Stork Street Thunder Chis

Aaron! Whoa, what a face on this guy. It’s crude but I like it. THe colors are all over the place but I like that too. I might bolden up the eyes and some of the non-fur features but for the sake of the contest one-n-done!Hometown-AaronCucchetti-01

Nathan! This guys is awesome! Love the simplicity of the tire character. You need to the cut 2/3 of the smoke out of this thing though. Other than that, amazing!Akron-Burnouts

Nathan! Is this a Wire reference? I think I remember something about burning cellphones. I think you should just make the cellphone black with a few highlights to give some definition. TOo many colors right now. But that “B” is bitchin. Baltimore-Burners

Nathan! This is great! I love the storks head with the leather helmet pulled down over his eyes and the football all swaddled up is great. You kept the stork simple too and that’s great. Great story, great design, one-n-done!Canton-Storks

Aussie Ry! Simple poignant iconic and with a bonus retro sleeve patch character too boot. One-n-done! Great work!HOMETOWN LEAGUE [WALLSTREETERS] AUSSIE RY

Jordan! Great re-do! longer nose really makes this thing go. Done!OmahaThunder_v2_Aschwege

Tom! Yes! An old vet. I LOVE this design. Iconic, specific, simple, beautifully executed. One-n-done!Hometown-TomRichards-01

Copper Steamer Kosher D-Cer Platys

Martin! This guy’s a badass. Love the copper helmet. I think there’s a little too much detail but for the purposes of this contest… One-n-done!Hometown-MartinLopez-01

Toban! I love all the detail in this one. Those bats are killer, great work. I’m wondering if there is way to make the design more dynamic compositionally? The bottom of the logo seems…um…flat. Can we see him leaning in or busting apart or something? Cool colors too. Great start!Hometown-TobanAllison-01

Kim! Glad to see a revision. But this is one of those instances where my suggestions made it not as good. I liked the old version better. That means the old one was a one-n-done! First post dated one-n-done!Hometown-KimShafiroffB-01

Sascha! When I got you entry I was pleased that you not knowing Illustrator didn’t prevent you from entering. I always love seeing entries from people who have this idea that they want to enter so they figure some crazy way to get it down. I’m talking to you T.J.! I really love the owl and the “D” but I think the flame is unnecessary. That owl is a great faux-retro work. Well done!Hometown-SaschaPhilipp-01

Lencho! I love the character, a little too detailed but very cool. I think you could ditch the “C” in favor of an insinuated “C” made up of his arm. See it? Now off to Williamsburg for overpriced beer you bearded hipster.Hometown-LenchoRamos-01

David! Very clean, very cleaver. That green gets lost on the maroon though, I’d love to see this done in a classic bike racing colorway. Very good though. On-n-done!Hometown-DavidSanchez-01

Aussie Ry! Shouldn’t it be “Platies” or “Platys”? Unless this is a logo for a bar themed around natures most amazing mammal. But’ll forgive your grammatical errors because of how awesome that character is. 2 things and then it’ll be one of the best entries of the contest. Make Platy bigger and make the bar of the “P” thinner and only yellow. I want that “P” more legible. Other than that this thing is spectacular. Great work! Hometown-AussieRyan

Instant Draft – Jesse Velleu!

New feature of the contests, Instant Drafts! What is an Instant Draft? If we love your entry and we think it deserves to be instantly in the League, then your design gets drafted and goes into production immediately. That means shorter wait times between contests and the hats dropping.


I’m proud to announce Jesse Velleu’s Mamaroneck Tribe as our first Instant Draft! Just look at this thing. Not only is a great Indian design, but it’s inspired by his Hometown of Mamaroneck history. But he knew that he couldn’t just throw an indian on the hat and call it a day. He added this awesome wave treatment to the logo making it unlike anything we’ve ever seen. It’s both retro and contemporary as well as simple with a lot of depth. We love it. Epic work Jesse!

Now I know there are a lot of designs from past contest that haven’t been released in online store yet. But thanks to our relationship with Hat Club those have been submitted for production and are on their way. The Tribe has just been added next in line. All were doing in shortening the gap between contest and hat release. You also may be worried about the vote. We will still vote on the designs. But we’ve always picked the designs ourselves despite the vote. Lets face it if you have a good “get out the vote” campaign the results are easily skewed. And we’ve learned in our short history that those votes don’t necessarily translate into people buying the hat you’ve designed. I hope with features like the Instant Draft it’s clear where we’re taking the pirate ship.

Great work this week Clinkers and as always kick this weekend’s ass!

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Dirty Blue Trap Skin Colorado Leftovers

We are falling behind under the deluge of entries. Very exciting to see all this excitement over the Hometown League, but that means patience my amigos. Patience! We’re at a little over 3 weeks to get to your entries. Ugh, I know. Patience! And thanks!

Doug! Dirty! You can smell this guy through the screen. I love that. I love the idea of two things crossed in his beard. It’s a new way to do the whole crossed bats(Crossed whatever, really.) trope. While I like the character and the story telling elements I think it needs a stronger composition. What about making the fish and the stick more pronounced? I think you can come up with something more fun than a stick. What about a broom stick/stickball bat? Great start, keep trucking.Hometown-DougVanderMeulen-01

Phil! This is great. I think this would make such a cool logo for teams to advertise day games to office workers. I’m not sure if it’s the best hat logo though. I think that your alternate mark up there might be a better bet. Or maybe a mashup of the 2 logos?Hometown-PhilStuddardB-02

Phil! Now this is a great hat logo! I love this thing. One-n-done. Epic work!Hometown-PhilStuddardB-01

Martin! Oh man this is cool. I really think your on to something here. I like you to make a few changes for me. I want you to look at retro Native American-inspired sports logos. I think giving this guy a vintage feel would be a great asset. And I’d like for you to make the human to wolf head proportions lean more towards the wolf. Right now it leans more towards the dude. Really amazing stuff. I think with the right amount of tweaking this guy could be a juggernaut.Hometown-MartinLopez-01

Jesus! Badass Roster my man. I really love how you’ve rendered him. I think he needs something else to make him pop though. What about another storytelling element like a snake in his mouth or maybe crossed pitchforks? What about not adding a new element and giving us a few more roster colors added to his neck and crown. There are some colorful rosters out there and I think, done correctly, a bunch of colors could give this guys a Blackhawks vibe. Great work!Hometown-JesusFonseca-01

Jake! Awesome idea. I love the detail and authenticity that you’ve given this design. I’d really like you to add something to this guys to give him a little more of a logo real and less of an illustration feel. Maybe a crest vibe could be a cool direction. Or maybe a creature’s eyes or claw creeping out of the box. Keep it mysterious though. Great stuff. You’ve got a lot to work with here. Go forth!Hometown-JakeKessler-01

Prophet Sandy Ghost Juice Rat Slugs

Len! This is a great concept. A great name to go with a great image. Really fun. I this you need to address the fat part of the fortune cookie. The middle of the cookie needs to be fatter, right? It feels more taco than fortune cookie. I think that means you’ll have to reposition the fortune. What does everyone think about having “PROPHET” written on the fortune? I’m kinda on the fence, normally I don’t like text on a hat logo but it sort of works in this instance. Amazing concept!Hometown-LenKoriB-01

Jake! Are you making a play to have this be the fake team the crew from Anchorman 2 goes to see play? That’s what this is, Anchorman on a hat. You stay classy Sandy Egg O. One-n-done!Hometown-JakeKesslerA-01

Derek! Great bomber illustration! Bot now we need some storytelling elements to make this thing pop. What about a ghost-shaped shield behind the plane? I’d go check out WWII patches for inspiration. I say go classy with this thing, don’t add eyes to the plane or anything like that. You feel me? Maybe even some “GHOSTS” tex might work. Look at that 2 endorsements for text on a hat in 1 day.Hometown-DerekHeilmannA-01

Jake! This is really great. Simple, vaguely retro. I really like it. One-n-done!Hometown-JakeKesslerB-01

Jesse! Alright a substantial redo. I really enjoy seeing you guys tear a concept apart and put it back together. It’s really the only way to get work. While I think the pigeon poop is funny I really like the idea of going cleaner with the concept. First, ditch the hair, you don’t need it. Second, what if Miss Liberty here had the head of a pigeon? Or even the head of a rat with Staute-esque wings on either side. I also would like you to think about going 1 color with this. I think it would be a good exercise in shadow and volume for you Jesse. I know guys like you and Kai are young. It’s my mission to mold you into the next designers that will put Jason and me out of business. You up for it?Hometown-JesseVelleu-Rd2-01

Hector! I like the guy’s face and you know how I like a good slug concept. But I think you need to readdress the baseball bat and slug body composition. I also think you need to add some other storytelling element to the mix to distance it from other slug concepts. Do it!Hometown-HectorLopez-01