Jaws in a Bottle!


Take a look at this spectacular Jaws scene in a bottle by Heather Gabrielle Rogers! Oh man, I have never wanted an object more. How fun would it be to live with this thing on your desk? Go HERE to see Heather’s behind-the-scenes and more of her other creations.


Hat Club Exclusives Poster


When you pick up one of the Hat Club Exclusives designed by Brandiose you can get your hands on one of these fold out posters that we designed to celebrate the collection. I remember tearing open a new Lego set and stopping mid-unpacking to pour over the catalog. This catalog was inspired by loving the catalog as much as the Lego set itself. Stop by any brick-and-mortar Hat Club (Go HERE to see their locations) to get a copy or when you buy a hat online (HERE) a catalog will be thrown in with your order.


Jimmy Fallon in Hat Club by Brandiose!


Check out who stopped by Hat Club’s newest location in Soho to pick up a few hats… that’s right, Jimmy Fallon! Host of the new Tonight Show, purveyor of positivity and awesomeness throughout the galaxy. Hat Club sent us this photo of Jimmy in the store rocking our latest Hat Club Exclusive we created for them, Brooklyn Bridge.


Head over HERE to grab your Brooklyn Bridge hat. And head over HERE to see the other styles in this collection.


Yeah, yeah, it’s cool to be a nerd nowadays. But you merely adopted the nerdness. I was born in it, moulded by it. Here’s a few things that you’ve probably seen, but in case you haven’t…


Here is an article about 4 dinosaurs that the science writer Brian Switek, author of “My Beloved Brontosaurus”, thinks should be in the next Jurassic Park movie!

This, I know you’ve seen, but I want it on my premanant Clink record. Patton Oswalt’s epic Star Wars filibuster from his Parks and Rec. episode.

Longtime Clinkers know that I’m a Podcast fiend. One of my new favorites is Nerd Poker from Patton’s good buddy Brian Posen. It’s Brain and his friends playing D & D! It’s funny, it’s interesting, it’s super dorky. There is even an amazing episode with Patton guest appearing to deliver one of his legendary dwarf drinking songs. It’s very NSFW but it’s so funny. Head over to Ear Wolf to download their adventures.


I always liked Chewy better than Han, here’s a picture of my coffee cup that I use in the office as proof. And here’s Han being a real jerk to to best co-pilot ever(Sorry Jason and wife).


Hat Club Exclusives by Brandiose

The latest collection of Hat Club Exclusives designed by Brandiose are available now at HatClub.com! This season features 16 designs. The collection has a bunch of Los Angeles, San Francisco, California, and Arizona inspired designs. As well as a smattering of Bowery Biff designs (Hat Club’s bulldog mascot), Filipino pride hats, a Brooklyn design, and a Trashcals cannibal design.

Check out these photos we took in our neighborhood of the hats in the wild. Yes, it’s a little goofy having Arizona, LA, and SF hats in a San Diego setting. But come on, look at that beach. We love OB!




Head over here to HatClub.com to grab your favorite. Thanks, as always for supporting what we’re making Clinkers!

Hometown League – Final Entries!

Last post of entries! If we missed one of your submissions, please shoot me an email and I’ll communicate with you if we in fact did miss it or if we decided that it was a revision that we thought wasn’t different enough from the original. Thanks and lets get to it!

@alf_e! This is most excellent! This front logo would look awesome sewn onto a huge patch like the do in the Navy. This is excellent thinking. One-n-done!Hometown-ATalf_e

Jeremy! Great redo. Done!Hometown-JeremyRodriguez-Rev

Len! Yes! I love this little bugger. And the black and white colorway really helps to sell this bad boy. Done!Hometown-LenKori

Nathan! Awe man, I’ve been wanting to name a Minor League Baseball team the Jackalopes forever. We got close once, even did some concepts for the team but they went with the Casper Ghosts instead. Don’t be surprised if you see us reviving this name it’s awesome. Oh, and this design is awesome! One-n-done!Hometown-NathanCyr

Paul! Yes! Funky Minor League style. A great redo. Done!Hometown-PaulBreen-redux

Sean! Dangerous! Done!Hometown-SeanCollins-Rev

Zoltán! A fine vintage indeed! Done!Hometown-ZoltanLovas-Rev

Alright Clinkers, that’s it. The Hometown League is officially closed for entries. Now, you guys have to give us a week or so to construct the ballot. We’re traveling all this week so thanks for you patience. While you wait, head back though the past entries and start to compile your list of favorites. Great work everyone!