Hometown League – Final Entries!

Last post of entries! If we missed one of your submissions, please shoot me an email and I’ll communicate with you if we in fact did miss it or if we decided that it was a revision that we thought wasn’t different enough from the original. Thanks and lets get to it!

@alf_e! This is most excellent! This front logo would look awesome sewn onto a huge patch like the do in the Navy. This is excellent thinking. One-n-done!Hometown-ATalf_e

Jeremy! Great redo. Done!Hometown-JeremyRodriguez-Rev

Len! Yes! I love this little bugger. And the black and white colorway really helps to sell this bad boy. Done!Hometown-LenKori

Nathan! Awe man, I’ve been wanting to name a Minor League Baseball team the Jackalopes forever. We got close once, even did some concepts for the team but they went with the Casper Ghosts instead. Don’t be surprised if you see us reviving this name it’s awesome. Oh, and this design is awesome! One-n-done!Hometown-NathanCyr

Paul! Yes! Funky Minor League style. A great redo. Done!Hometown-PaulBreen-redux

Sean! Dangerous! Done!Hometown-SeanCollins-Rev

Zoltán! A fine vintage indeed! Done!Hometown-ZoltanLovas-Rev

Alright Clinkers, that’s it. The Hometown League is officially closed for entries. Now, you guys have to give us a week or so to construct the ballot. We’re traveling all this week so thanks for you patience. While you wait, head back though the past entries and start to compile your list of favorites. Great work everyone!


15 thoughts on “Hometown League – Final Entries!

  1. I’m in love with the Trolley Frogs rendering. Very nice! Great depth. I also have a soft spot for the Jackalopes as a concept because the jackalope I did for shadow league is one of my favorite entries that I have done. Bronx MCs also has a nice balance of abstraction to it. Really, really digging the reflection in the bottle for the Richmond Fire. Very creative!

  2. @alf_e : I love this and Casey’s idea to make it a big Navy-style patch. Extra points for making your contest entry outside-the-box!

    Jeremy: Much better update! I love the colorway, especially how it hearkens to the new-look Nets.

    Len: Sweet bird there! The way you’ve rendered it gives it a vintage animated style, with just the right amount of grunge. Excellent work!

    Nathan: If you had time for revisions, I might suggest refining your outlines for a cleaner appearance, but for what it is, it immediately reads the way you want it to.

    Paul: I think you made the right choice in going the mascot route over the flying saucer. A little bit creepy, a little but cute and charming, all cool.

    Sean: I never would have guessed you take this route, but I think it’s successful! The Molotov Cocktail screams destruction and the hidden architecture in the bottle is a subtle touch to give it geographic specificity.

    Zoltán: Another unexpected, but successful re-direction! The extra touch that I felt was missing from your first draft is all there now that you’ve added the barrel. Interesting choice of the olive drab, too. I could easily see this is a champagne tan or rich, wine or purple. Well done!

    Rob Noone: More like Rob “No One.” I think someone’s attempting to hijack the contest. Not cool: http://www.istockphoto.com/stock-illustration-4571385-angry-frog-mascot.php . Unless the was originally created by you, in which case it probably can’t be already for sale and then sold to Brandiose in the case of a win.

  3. unfortunately, although i had originally sent this submission in february, its debut didn’t make it till today. Was hoping to gt some feedback in time for revisions, but didn’t happen. did a secondary logo which i thought was a better “cap” logo. http://instagram.com/p/VICliUv0Lp/

    • I’ll be back in the office tomorrow guys. If you resent a design you’ll here from me then.

      Thanks, as always for hunting down that iStock rip. You guys are the best! Rob, your banned from the Clink Room! 2nd person in the history of Clink to get the boot. Again, great work everyone!

  4. What a nice lookin’ bunch of Final entries!
    All the re-do’s are great and well deserved of being posted!

    The new entries; Battleships, Jailbirds and Jackalopes are all great!
    I love how the Battleships took it to another level including text and using the whole canvas.
    The Jailbirds is an excellent character, I just feel there is a little too much detail (especially in the legs) but with a simple clean up and simplification this can be on par with Joe’s awesome Atoms entry! The Jackalopes is a great name and creature, plus those black eyes make it ultra spooky!

    A special shout out to Sean and Zoltan whose Re-Do’s went in a completely new direction and pulled it off! Great work you guys!

    As for the Trolley Frogs….great detective work Nathan, Chris & Eric!

    Looking forward to seeing a massive ballot full of great entries!
    Well done Clinkers!

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