Hat Club Exclusives Poster


When you pick up one of the Hat Club Exclusives designed by Brandiose you can get your hands on one of these fold out posters that we designed to celebrate the collection. I remember tearing open a new Lego set and stopping mid-unpacking to pour over the catalog. This catalog was inspired by loving the catalog as much as the Lego set itself. Stop by any brick-and-mortar Hat Club (Go HERE to see their locations) to get a copy or when you buy a hat online (HERE) a catalog will be thrown in with your order.



4 thoughts on “Hat Club Exclusives Poster

  1. Juan – I think you’re just noticing that brim, because this is an alt. colourway of the original 49ers red colourway. That said, I can’t seem to find the old colourway on the Hat Club…spooky…

    ps. that Nugget Bear is one of my favourite Hat Club characters you guys created!

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