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  1. Looks like that plagiarized frog got in at DI and I also thought it was decided that GH was too similar to some other hockey logo.

  2. Eh… I’d cut Casey some slack. There’s some 170-odd entries here, for which maybe a quarter to a third were submitted a second time with edits. That’s a lot of work to manage the posting process, and organize the voting, especially for a project that doesn’t affect the bottom line. The Clink Room seems to be a labor of love, and while it’s usually the first site I check in the morning, both Casey and Jason provide it out of their generosity. We get access to them and their design process here that is second to none.

    Besides, I think it has been established that the winners of the popular vote aren’t guaranteed to win either. I’m assuming that those that do win will be vetted for originality and sell-ability to an extent greater than is given on original submission.

  3. I would like to vote for BU. I also asked 9,567 of my friends in Indonesia who don’t have internet access and they all like BU also…Sooo…9,568 votes for BU.

  4. Hey Clinkers,

    I removed the plagiarized frog entry, added Jordan’s Saguaros (Even though we did an unreleased design a few months before this context started that looks a lot like that entry. Not sure if it’ll be released, but we didn’t copy you Jordan!), I also added the ghost bombers revision in there but I think the original might be better so lets see how they both do.

    Just a reminder, the vote is to survey interest in the designs. Ballot stuffing, which is fine but useless, has always been a part of these contests. The winners will be chosen by Jason and me.

    If there are other mistakes, try to ferret them out before the end of the day. Jason and I will be traveling for the rest of the week starting tomorrow and I can’t change this complicated post on the road.

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  6. Righto, voting time.. I like what I see, but dare I say, maybe not as many stand out insta-hits as previous leagues.. I didnt have time to do re-subs on mine, which Im pretty disappointed in, I prefer my CK over my CN, which needed the most re-working.

    Anyway, my favourites that I will be picking a top 5 from are

    FA – Platypus
    EX – Seal
    EJ – Fish
    EB – Mountain face
    DE – Bird
    BT – Snowflake
    BU – Rooster S

    Congrats to all involved, some really inspiring ideas..

  7. Looks like the first group of hats got put on there twice by accident :)



    Any chance of somehow getting a logo of one NOT chosen?

  8. Tough, tough decisions to narrow these down to my top five. I’ll echo what Efra said: it was difficult to chose a final five, but a good time to review them all, and give many a second consideration. I’d love for one of mine to be chosen, but I’m voting for these:


    Excellent work, everyone!

  9. CY

    Iconic, well executed, sport branding specificity are all exemplified in these. Great entries all. These are the cream nevertheless.

  10. I know I’m late to the party, but whoa! what a Ballot!
    That thing is beautiful!
    Well done Casey & Jason and to all the Clinkers who submitted an entry!

    Cheers for the votes guys!!!
    Warefare Chris, Adam C & @alf_e

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