United Pixel Workers X Clink



Hey Clinkers! Head on over and check out these sweetum hatums that we designed in collaboration with United Pixel Workers. We love what the fellas over at United Pixel Workers are doing and we were exctied when they approached us to collaborate with them. The 2 offerings include one style showcasing their “U” logo designed by the badass Draplin and the “Pixelsmith” designed by us, Brandiose. They’re on pre-order now with a special offer if you order both styles. Go to UnitedPixelWorkers.com to checkum outum.


Kick this weekend’s ass Clinkers!


5 thoughts on “United Pixel Workers X Clink

  1. I also agree that Pixelsmith looks real good. The United Pixelworks logo only reads as a funky U. I wouldn’t have thought to look at it sideways for the P if I hadn’t been looking for extra meanings.

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