BTS: Chris Cox’s Kraken

Hey, so this is super late but who cares. Lets do it, behind the scenes for the last few Designed By Clinker releases. The reason that we didn’t get to these sooner had a lot to do with time(Running the Hometown League was time consuming.) and the temporary Clink store transition (That we’re still in the middle of.). But this stuff deserves some daylight and Clink love. So lets give them both.

Lets start with the immense talent that is Chris Cox. The man knows what he’s doing in the logo design department and for some reason he has the market cornered on aquatic themed designs. Chris is the creator of everyone’s favorite Sea Devils.

Octos original sketch

Chris original concept started out as an “O” for Octos. Chris, at what point to we switch the name to Kraken? He even submitted that contest first if I recall correctly. Then,of course, he had is stroke of inspiration with the “8” instead. Sketching in red though? Chris shed a little light on your thinking? Just what you had on hand? Is there a non-photo blue trick that I’m missing here?

Kraken roughs 1

You can see how great these two versions are. Just too much detail. You can also see that his original “8” was skinnier than the final. A good tip for hat designs is to go wider than you think. The front of the hat is a wide canvas and tall logos have to be made small to fit on the front of the crown. Making them smaller means you lose detail.

Kraken roughs 2

Chris Cox’s portfolio can be found here. You can still grab a few of the remaining Kraken hats here at in the Clink Room store.



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