BTS: Kai’s Slumberjacks

Let’s take a behind-the-scenes look at Kai Takahashi’s Slumberjacks! The hat isn’t available in the Clink store anymore. It deserves a belated walk down memory lane.

The story of the Slumberjacks is the story of Kai’s evolution as a designer. Kai’s determination has really impressed Jason and myself. I believe Kai first submitted a design for Clink during the Clink Kong logo contest and the thing that struck us about Kai was his willingness to start over, scrap his first idea, make big adjustments, and drastically improve his concepts from his first submission to his last.


Just take a look at this evolution. He starts with an illustration of an idea. Full characters,acting out complicated actions. Then you see him start to move away from illustrations and into thinking in symbols.


Then you see the simplification of that symbol to it’s final form. Gone are the feathers, gone are the “ZZZ”s. The final design is packed with great ideas and heritage. The “S” is a “Z” turned backwards, genius! Embroidered plaid! Awesome! The seamless integration of the axe and the lettering. Perfect!


Tenacity and openness to taking criticism are the exact things we look for when hiring studio team members. That is the mark of someone willing to make themselves into a great designer. Take a look at this recent project from his website. Just amazing advancements!


All of these qualities are why Kai was awarded one of our 2 summer intern positions this year. We’re excited to have him join the Brandiose team. He’s a guy on his way to great things and we’re excited to help him down that path. Check out Kai’s portfolio here.

Kick this weekend’s ass Clinkers!


8 thoughts on “BTS: Kai’s Slumberjacks

  1. It’s fun looking at this stuff from over two years ago when I was first starting to figure things out!

  2. Kai – First off, awesome BTS! Secondly, I LOVE that SLOTH BASEBALL design!!! and finally how did you go about getting those Sloth caps produced? Are they on 59-50’s? How much were they? How many did you have to order? Where did you get them from? I heard you had to prove you were a legit actual team and order a minimum amount in order for New Era to produce. Yes, many questions – but I one day hope to get a few of my own designs produced myself (if the Clink Room doesn’t think they’re worthy) to share with my family/friends and perhaps sell to fellow Clinkers! 😉

  3. Thanks guys!
    Aussie Ry: I ordered through New Era Park which has a minimum of 18, and I’ve gotten snapbacks and fitteds. The pricing depends on how many places you put designs but pretty cheap, though it takes a while to produce.

  4. Got this as a gift……..LOVE the hat, I just don’t have much that matches it!

    BTW, how can we make our profiles for posting comments? I’ve tried to figure it out but can’t seem to find it….

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