BTS: Kyler Wilson’s Early Birds

Lets take a look behind Kyler Wilson’s curtain with his Early Birds design for the Rejects League contest. You know what I love about the Early Birds name? It’s almost a name that we could use for a real team, but not. Even just writing that, I felt like saying to myself, “Well why not?” It’s a great name. Couple a great concept with a great designer like Kyler and well, boom goes the dynamite.

Kyler has such a distinct sense of style. When I first saw his work I could see the how simply he was using Illustrator, and to great effect. Usually, designers that use Illustrator simply seem to start in Illustrator as well. But you can see from his sketch that Kyler’s clean aesthetic starts at the sketching phase.


I love all these variations and worm options. Things you only hear as a designer: “Hey, show me some different worm options.”






Kyler Wilson’s portfolio can be found here. You can still grab a few of the remaining Early Birds hats here at in the Clink Room store.



6 thoughts on “BTS: Kyler Wilson’s Early Birds

  1. Great design, awesome designer. This article shows me how fantastic his original color set was, too. Wish the hat had been red and gold on gray like his design.

  2. Yeah, this was one of my favorite designs of any of the competitions. Only reason I didn’t pick one up was I just was not feeling the old school Phillies colorway…Great job with a really cool concept Kyler!

  3. Great design. I echo the earlier comments: the only problem with the hat is that it deviates from his original color scheme. Maroon and baby blue’s not working nearly as well.

  4. i like the colorway, just not sure it suits the design best. well, the blue bird is cool, definitely need a different base 😉

    btw, how much turmoil was there over choosing a worm shape? i guess i ask because even tho its the least “wormy”, there’s something really appealing about the “C” one to me 😉

    but i love the final design as well :)

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