Fightins’ Mascot Band Logo

I feel like this logo deserves it’s own post. The Reading Fightins’ Mascot Band is one of the Wonders of the World. That’s right, the pyramids, the Grand Canyon, the Fightins’ Mascot Band. Gwar’s got nothing on these guys. We did this logo for the mascot band and I’m not sure they ever used it, but it remains still one of my favorite things to ever come out of Brandiose.


Kick this weekend’s ass Clinkers!

Pocket Schedule Icons

While Brandiose’s team identities get most of the attention, we do a lot of other work for teams. Designs used around the ballpark and in marketing. I thought I’d show some of that stuff off, starting with pocket schedule icons. We came up with the idea of pocket schedule icons to solve the “too much tiny text” problem that team’s were having when designing their pocket schedules and calendars. Each set of icons was custom created for each team and we tried to make each set of icons feel like it was an extension of that team’s brand.

Lets play a game! Can you figure out which set of icons are for which teams?


Vote For El Paso’s Team Name

Brandiose may just be the branding firm behind El Paso’s new Triple-A Minor League franchise (Affiliate of our hometown San Diego Padres no less.). Ok yes, we are branding the team. The El Paso franchise has whittled the submitted names down to 5. Head over to the El Paso Times to vote on your favorite and help shape the future of El Paso baseball. Aardvarks is my favorite, JK. Or am I? It’s kind of hard to find the ballot, or maybe I just need new glasses, but I’ve circled the ballot in the image below. Click here to head to the to vote.


6th Grade Brooklyn Metalheads

Watch this inspiring video introducing us to Malcom and Jarad, the future of Metal. These 6th grade fellas remind me of Jason and myself. We met when we were 5 not 4 like these guys. I especially liked the World tour part. That is totally something Jason and I would have done, but our white board would have outlined our strategy for taking over the Disney Corperation with Jason installed as CEO and me as the head of Imagineering.

Unlocking The Truth – Malcolm Brickhouse & Jarad Dawkins from The Avant/Garde Diaries on Vimeo.

9 to the Nines Unveiled!

Man was I excited for this day. On Tuesday, the Reading Fightins unveiled our first 9 to the Nines project we did with the Reading, PA Olivet Boys and Girls Club. What is 9 to the Nines?

9 to the Nines is a program that Brandiose started to bring kids in underserved communities the same team logo and naming experience that we give to our professional teams. Jason and I fly out, help the kids give a cool nickname to their Club, names like Warrior Cheetahs and Lighting Wolves, then we design a logo for their club. Here are a couple photos of Jason and myself running the kids through the naming process.



Here are the final designs that we did for Kids Clubs. The Perkiomen Golden Panthers, the Clinton Street Cobra Squad, the PAL Awesome Wild Cats, the Oakbrook Cheetah Warriors, and the Mulberry Lighting Wolves.


Here are a few photos from Tuesday’s unveiling event. The final step in 9 to the Nines is the team outfitting the kids in uniforms adorned in the new names and design. These kids are looking sharp! Thanks to everyone at the Olivet Boys and Girls Club for helping us pioneer this program. Thanks to the Reading Fightins for being great partners as usual! We can’t wait to do this again with another group of deserving kids.




Father’s Day Vans

Take a look at these custom Vans that my son and I got as a gift from some extremely generous and thoughtful friends. They are made from Hawaiian shirts from my Dad’s collection, he passed away in December. My Dad was an incredible surfer and loved Hawaii. His nickname was the Great White and I love thinking of him in this shark print shirt. It was an incredible gift from some incredibly generous friend. So many thanks. I hope you all had a great Father’s Day.