Vote For El Paso’s Team Name

Brandiose may just be the branding firm behind El Paso’s new Triple-A Minor League franchise (Affiliate of our hometown San Diego Padres no less.). Ok yes, we are branding the team. The El Paso franchise has whittled the submitted names down to 5. Head over to the El Paso Times to vote on your favorite and help shape the future of El Paso baseball. Aardvarks is my favorite, JK. Or am I? It’s kind of hard to find the ballot, or maybe I just need new glasses, but I’ve circled the ballot in the image below. Click here to head to the to vote.



5 thoughts on “Vote For El Paso’s Team Name

  1. Tom, Yeah! We hate those combo names too. Like Sound Tigers, etc. But they really had Gators in the central Park in El Paso for a long time. Long enough to make it an icon.

  2. I just think that it’s awesome that you guys are doing the Triple A team for the Pads. That is so cool, I can’t wait for the hat, are you going with the old school brown and yellow??

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