Pocket Schedule Icons

While Brandiose’s team identities get most of the attention, we do a lot of other work for teams. Designs used around the ballpark and in marketing. I thought I’d show some of that stuff off, starting with pocket schedule icons. We came up with the idea of pocket schedule icons to solve the “too much tiny text” problem that team’s were having when designing their pocket schedules and calendars. Each set of icons was custom created for each team and we tried to make each set of icons feel like it was an extension of that team’s brand.

Lets play a game! Can you figure out which set of icons are for which teams?



13 thoughts on “Pocket Schedule Icons

  1. I would agree with Nathan. The colorways are very unique to each team. One of the things I love about The guys work! Having been to at ease one park in every affiliated league and a total of 80, they work Jason and Casey do stands out head and shoulders above the rest

  2. Syracuse Chiefs? Saw them in action against the Mud Hens in Toledo a few weeks ago, but they were in some retro Blue Jays-inspired jerseys.

    These icons are great, by the way! I’d love a Brandiose book with sections devoted to the identities and these accompanying marketing pieces for each team.

    • We designed the Pelicans logos but not the Loons or Quakes. But we did design an alternate for the Loons and we continue to work with all 3 teams.

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