Cotton Bureau Launch

For all you Clinkers that are designers, here is a cool new design site launched by our friends at United Pixel Workers. The forum is called Cotton Bureau and not only is it beautifully designed but I love the concept. I’m really inspired to get the Clink collaboration site up and running after seeing what the guys have done with Cotton Bureau. Go submit a design, buy a tee, and support a really cool bunch of dudes over here at Cotton Bureau. Oh and don’t forget the United Pixel Workers X Clink collaboration hat coming soon.


Swag on Swag on Swag

A friendly reminder about all the awesomeness that you get when you ride a Clink hat. Each goodie bag is personally packed by us and includes a patch, sticker, handwritten note, bottle cap and sometimes an additional surprise! Head over to The Clink Room store and get that hat in the mail to see what’s in your order’s box.




Kick this weekend’s ass Clinkers!

Instagram B.T.S.

If you ain’t following The Clink Room on Clinkstagram, you ain’t gettin’ the whole Clink experience. Why, just last week we posted sketches from a never before seen project that never made it past the concept phase. I don’t want to say who the project was for, but it was a character and logo for a site that predicts football outcomes. (Nothing to do with Fort Wanye, sorry Indiana.)








Some fun stuff came out of that project. Instagram has made it so easy to share photos quickly. For sneak peaks, to behind the scenes, to travelogs. All of it’s here on Clinkstagram.

Coach Baseball Gloves and Bats

If the Clink Room is the intersection of design, sports, and fashion then I guess these Coach baseball gloves and bats fit something fierce. Despite the strangeness of taking the dirt infield for your next office softball game in your gym shorts, tee shirt and a Coach branded glove, these are epic objects of design. The colors alone are enviable. Not to mention all the hidden gold detailing and what looks to be buttery soft leather. I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t be teased for rolling up to a pick up game with my High School buddies with one of these tucked under my arm. Pretty sure. Head over to Coach’s store to get a closer look and order yours.



Human Pixels

Check out these old photos made up of troops creating logos and images in perspective. The age of these is incredible, but so is the quantity of people, and the forced perspective. Just thinking about making a perfect circe in a forced perspective using human pixels warps my mind. Hey operators of baseball teams who are Clinkers, lets see one of your team’s logos done like this on the field using fans! There’s more here.






Via Reddit and Imgur.